TTC after Lupron
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jen1981 - March 15

Hi All,
I'm going in for my last Depot Lupron injection next week and then am really hoping to get pregnant some time soon after. Just wanted to post to see if anyone was going through the same thing. It's so great to know there are other women out there that can be a support system.


nikki2204 - March 16

Hi Jen -- I was on Lupron for 4 rounds. I was supposed to do 6 but the side effects were too bad for me to continue. I had stage 4 endo and was taking the lupron after a laparotomy to clear the rest up from my ovaries. I was very worried that since I didn't finish the Lupron, I would still have problems. I am now 10 weeks pregnant!!! Keep faith and take care! (BTW- I got pg in january and I was finished with the lupron in July of 06, so it took me a few months. There was an older thread that I used to post on about it, it had several posts on it from many women that had success, you should try to look back in the archives for it!)


nikki2204 - March 16

Jen-- I just saw that you already found that thread...I was looking for it for you. I see you saw the success stories of bj and jla. Its so nice hearing the success stories! Take care.


jen1981 - March 17

Nikki- Congrats on being pregnant! That's so wonderful and it's so great to hear success stories from other women. Did your doctor do anything for you after you stopped the Lupron to help you get pregnant? I read on that old thread that some women took birth control to get their period back. Thanks for your response- sometimes I feel really down about everything and it's so nice to talk to someone else who has been through this. Are you showing yet? How exciting...


nikki2204 - March 27

Hi Jen, sorry its taken me so long to reply. No, I didn't take BC pills but many people do. Like I said, I got really fed up with the side efffects of the Lupron, so I quit. I vowed never to take anymore medications to mess with my hormones. I was really upset and wondering everyday if I was ever going to get pregnant. Then in January, I decided to order information on adoption. I received the packet in the mail and found out I was pregnant a week later! I am now 12 weeks and feel so blessed. Whatever you do, don't give up hope.....what has your doctor said? Did you have to have any surgery? How severe was your endo? oh, and to answer your question....Yes! I am wearing some maternity clothes already. I am finally getting over the nausea and ill feelings so I am hoping to enjoy every minute now.



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