TTC 4 T long...Y arent I PG?!?!?
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redphoenixx10468 - March 18

i've been trying to conceive for six months. i have failed to become pregnant. i know my partner previously had a vasclip (he's 10 years older than I am and did it to prevent creating any other children since he already has two) and told me he removed it. yet i still have not conceived. i have an OBG appointment coming up. i'm hoping the doctor doesn't find anything wrong with me (because we all know how they are so quick to blame the female for infertility). personally, i think that would be too hard of a blow for me to deal with. it's driving me crazy because i'm 21, desire a child, am healthy, don't smoke, rarely have a social drink, exercise on a regular basis. i believe my body is prime. ladies, i need your support. i'm feeling desperate.


calm down girl - March 18

6 months at your age is nothing to be concerned about. After trying for a year your doctor will start to run tests but more than likely it is due to the fact that each month you only have a 10-20% chance of conceiving in a perfect world. With a vas clip he may have more difficulties. My first step would be for him to do a sperm sample and analysis (run 2 or 3 so you know they are accurate) and dont run them yourself. Get it properly done. Those tests are far easier and less invasive. I dont know any doctor that would start running tests on an unmarried 21 year old after only 6 months. start charting your temperatures, google basal body temperature and learn how to do it. Then start checking your mucous and cervix position and feelings of it, use ovulation predictor kits and if after 2 or 3 months you notice a luteal phase defect or if you right away see you are not ovulating then go to your doctor. Remember it is normal for people not to ovulate 1 or 2 x's a year anyways (known as annovulatory cycle). Are your periods regular? Do you know if you are bd'ing when you are ovulating. Does he really want a child? He may not have removed this vasclip but it telling you he did just to appease you. There is a lot to look into in your young age so dont fret yet because that will make it even harder for you to get pregnant. It is very very rare people get pregnant their first few tries even though people think the contrary. Most healthy couples concieve without help within the first 2 years of real trying.



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