ttc #2 is it harder?
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Mrs. H - May 9

My husband and I are ttc #2 and our other kids are 10 and 11. I am only 32 and dr. just put me on Clomid, first mo. nothing, this is 2nd mo. Normal 30 day cycles, but I didn't ovulate until my 20th day this time. Is it because this is my second (his is my step-daughter) that I am having a hard time. We have had unprotected sex for three years but haven't every really put a lot of effort into it until now.


Melissa - May 10

Hi Mrs. H. I am trying for #2 now for 5 months. I had always heard that it's easier to conceive once you have. But, that is not the truth for me. What cd are you in?


susie q - May 11

Hi all, I too am ttc no 2, Ive been trying for 14 months now, I fell for my son the very first time we didnt use protection and now it seems so hard, I think my mum must have been extra , super fertile cause she fell for all 6 of within a month of trying [not fair]. I spoke to my gp yesterday and she said that its normal for most people to find it harder 2nd time round. Also she said to go back to see her after a year of actively trying if nothing happens [ Ive only been seriously {sp} monitoring for about 8 months]
Good Luck ladies, Baby dust to all.


Melissa - May 11

Hi Susie Q. How old are you? If you are in your early 20's that's an ok thing for your doctor to tell you, but if you are right around 30 or above your doctor really should have been starting some testing at 6 months of not suceeding.



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