TTC 1st & over 4 years.. wanna join?
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wannabeamom - July 23

Hi all I have been ttc for over 4years and start with an RE next month. Anyone want to join?


kelley32 - July 23

Hi Kathy ... just a pop in to say hi ... I hope you get some nice ladies to join. You must be excited to see the RE and hear what he/she has to say, it`s a big step in the right direction. HUGS!!


wannabeamom - July 23

Thanks Kelley! How was your weekend? How is Isabella? I am very excited going to the RE. I have the last appt. with my OB/gyn on Thursday. I will have one last u/s and collect all of my records. YEAH!!!


kelley32 - July 24

Weekend was a bit rough ... Isabella has tonsillitis again. This is the 3rd time in 4 months, and the doctor said that usually after 6 times in 1 year, they will remove the tonsils. I don't know why it's happening all the time, very frustrating. Well, better get some work done for now, I'll check in later on. XXOO


JamieLynne - July 25

I haven't been trying for 4 years but it will be two years in August. I started seeing an RE in February. I have pcos and my dh has low morphology. We have done 2 iui's now and the second one we did at the end of June ended up a chemical pregnancy. That was so hard to deal with. I actually don't go back to the RE until I get my period again after this cycle. She wanted me to take the month off after the chemical pregnancy. I would love to chat with you. A lot of the women I have befriended on here are now preg. or had their baby and are no longer around. It gets kind of lonely.... so what is your story?? Going to an RE is the best thing - it will help you so much!!


kelley32 - July 25

Hi JamieLynne ... I'm not TTC, am 19 weeks pg, but am so attached to this forum and many of the ladies in it, so I have stuck around to continue to give support because I got so much while TTC. I also had an early m/c, in January, I was 5 weeks, and although not far along, it was difficult to deal with. I'm so sorry about your chemical pregnancy, after 2 IUIs, that must have been devastating for you and your DH. Are you planning on another IUI after your "break"?


JamieLynne - July 25

Hi Kelley32!! Thanks for sticking around to give us support!! We are planning on doing another round of iui after this break - I am anxious to get started and hate waiting around.... oh well. So how long were you ttc before you got pregnant?? Hope all is going well with you. Do you know what you are having?


wannabeamom - July 26

Welcome JamieLynne! So sorry to hear about the chemical pg. It has got to be tough. What is it like to do an IUI? I haven't gotten that far yet. I have an appt with an RE next week. So hopefully I will have a "course of action". Kelley, poor Isabella. I hope she feels better soon.


JamieLynne - July 26

Having an iui is the easiest out of everything else I have been through. It is not painful or anything. I take clomid along with a trigger shot prior to the iui. I would highly suggest this procedure. What is your whole story - do you have any idea what is causing your infertility? If not, you will definitely get your answers with an RE. I am so glad that we decided to go to one - even if it is a 2 hour drive!! It was actually exciting to find out answers and to know we had options. When is your appointment?


kelley32 - July 26

Morning!!! JamieLynne, I was TTC for 9 months ... I know it's not long compared to some other women, and I consider myself lucky, but I completely understand what it's like to go through the frustration of constant BFNs, and feeling like a failure every month, running to the bathroom to make sure AF didn't come, etc. If I hadn't conceived by this month, I would have started more aggressive procedures. I have a 3 year old daughter who was conceived just by not using birth control, so I thought this time around would have been that easy as well. I am not finding out if I am having a boy or a girl, although I really think it's a boy. BTW, I am starting a new thread called Friendship and Support, I really hope that you will join us over there ... Kathy (wannabeamom) will be coming over as well. Thanks Kathy, for the well wishes for Isabella ... she is better, those antibiotics really work!!!


wannabeamom - July 26

I am happy to hear Isabella is doing better! Jamielynne, I just don't O all the time. DH had SA and OB/gyn said he is good. But who knows. I lost faith in my OB/gyn. Because of him I endedup with a 8-9 centimeter cyst on my right ovary from Clomid. He wasn't monitoring me each month even after I was telling him my 28 day cycle was early by 4-5 days 2 months in a row. SOB! My appt is 8/8 at 8am! EAsy to remember. They want my whole life story and what my insurance will cover etc. I have a $10k lifetime maximum. So I want to get it right asap. We are prepared to pay out of pocket but I am afraid it will use up all of our savings and then have nothing for when a baby finally comes. I know there is financing but the rates are crazy these days. Prime is at 8.25%! Up 2 points from last year. I am getting ahead of myself. I am looking forward to my appt. What else have you done?


wannabeamom - July 26

(I copied this from another thread I post on) Oh I forgot to say that I had an egg on my fert. monitor the past 2 days and my temp was at 97.0. Today my bbt was 97.6 and my monitor was at high. So you think I am Oing? Does it take more than 1 day of high temps? I have to read that part of TCOYF. I hope so. We bd'd last night. I will tackle him again tonight just to get an extra chance. I will check in tonight after work!


wannabeamom - July 26

JamieLynne join us on the friendship and support thread.



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