ttc 1 year +? please join share stories
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r - August 28

hey i have been ttc for 15 months now i was on the depo for 6 months from jan 04-june 04 i got my periods back in jan 05 and i have been ovulating every month my periods were irregular and now they are every 22-24 days, i didnt ovulate last month as i was ill but this cycle i have ovulated today!!!! so i have been doing lots of bding and i am now waiting for no af around the 5th of i have been getting a dull ache from both overies maybe i have ovulated from 2 since the other 1 skipped, hehe a higher chance it would be!


hayley - August 30

hello i have been trying to concive for almost 3 years and i have had irregular periods i wud go 4 months with out a period and so on i was put on metformin 500g and it made me very poorly and it did not help with my periods,so my gnyo put me on clomid 100mg and my period are coming every month ! but i did not concive so now i am on 150mg so thing are looking up for me gud luck


Natasha V - August 30

Hi r (and hayley), You should join our 'cycle buddies' chat - our cycles are all similar time frame to yours 'r'. I'm expecting (well, NOT expecting) AF around Sep. 5...


r - August 30

i dont know when my periods are now i think i ovulated on 28th i had ewcm then i spotted for 2 days until this morning. it ws pinky water its gone back to lotion like i think i still have some cramps on 1 side but then i got them from the other side.i have had pms symptoms all month i spotted on 15th aug so i have no idea when af is expected at all. i have headaches i kno and cramps i should be on 2dpo if i ovulated.



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