ttc #1-everyone around me seems to be pg
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lilly2 - April 9

Helen, i am so glad you are doing so wlel with pregnancy.Oh how excited is to hear yours baby haert, it is so beautifull, a litlle life is growing and growing...It is real relife when you know all is well and baby is growing safe.It is good you are going trough pregnancy without too much orning sickness it is really savig energy and i hope you'll stay the same.I am still sceard, as you explaind, every time in toalet cheking is there any blood or why boobs on and off and dh asking me how i feel like, i dont know to answer.Yes, i have protein cravings but dont like pork chiken or see food and it was acctually food i really liked before.Now all the time need white cheese, beef snicles, laticce, yogurt....and i really still have apetite..but as you said changes may come on the way.I have mild nusea early morning as well.My dostors appt.will be this week and i am worried how my result will look like.I still not sleeping well...Uhh,not eazy, isnt?Will keep you informed soon again, take care and baby dust to all other girlls.


lilly2 - April 9

can I tak a sleepng pill to rest?


lilly2 - April 9

I forgot to log in,and someone again asked question in my name!!!!Any way girlls my english is still in learning stage and you'll probably recognise my wrong spelling in many words.someone is as well with rude comments on:Does anyone contact Cheri for predictions.Some people have so much time to play with others emotions and as long we know they are playing, just ignore it!!


kare21162 - April 10

Yeah, I guess that I'm excited about being an Aunt. I'm on CD18 and I still have the EWCM. Had it since the 6th of this month, I think. So we are doing the dance again tonight. I sure hope that this is our month. I would love to be pregnant with my sister, I think that would be special. My mom would have a heart attack because she would have two grand babies to buy for. She would love it though. Although it would be born around Christmas time and New Years so she would have no money around the holidays, but she would love it. Anyways, I'll talk to you later girls. Goodnight.


Emma1 - April 10

Hi everyone. Congrats lilly2. Don't stress about the impostor poster, s/he has got way to much time on their hands. Helene great that everything's going good. So who will be #3 here? cd49 here. Getting very frustrated and impatient. All well. Sil had her baby on Friday, we didn't find out until Sunday. Guess since I haven't gone around them they forgot about us, not that I truly mind. Was pretty depressed, cried, laid in bed all day and ate! Not really what I wanted to do. Don't know how to feel happy for them. Anyway nope not jealous about Helene and lilly2 from me. I feel very happy when someone who has been trying finally gets a bfp! Gives us all hope.Hope everyone's good. Baby dust.


Helene - April 11

Hi, Girls! Lily, I wondered if English might be your second language. What is your first language? And don't worry about imperfections in your language - I stink at languages, and don't know enough of any language (besides English of course) to be able to carry on a written or spoken conversation with anyone, so I am alwyas impressed by peopel who can speak another language. (ANd the sad thing is took something like seven years of Italian between jr high and college, and I STILL suck at it! LOL!). As for cravings, I find that much of the sweet things I would have given int to eating just don't hold my attention anymore. Funny how your tastes can change. ANd I tend to get bored with my food quicker and want no more or something else ten minutes later. Kare - thta would be so neat if you and your sis were pregnant together. You could share so much and help each other through. S keep dancing until that EWCM disappears (actually I read thta you should even do it the the two dry days after just in case). ANd trust me, your mom will be saving months before Christmas for those little grandchildren to have the best presents! My parents are retired now and living on a fixed income and somehow my mom manages Christmeas presents & birthday presents for the little munchkins! ANd my one niece's' birthday is the first week of January, which is just as rough. I have a friend whose parents have the same birthday so they decided to get married on their joint birthday which is the first week of January. She has twin brothers whose birthday is only a few days later. ANd this all comes about a week or two after Hanukkah, so she has to buy 4 Hanukkah presents, four birthday presents and an anniversary all within one month's time. When her one brother got married and set his wedding in June she said oh thank goodness! LOL! Emma - Don't worry I didn't take it that way. Somehow when the women we talk to on here get pregnant it never bothered me, and watched a lot of BFP's on the other link before it was finally me. But when it is the peopel in real life, for some reason it can be so much harder. Maybe because so many of them seem to get pregnant so easily or quickly. A friend of mine who tried for a year (she has a 1 1/2 year old duaghter and is now trying again) works in a pediatric head trauma unit so you can imagine what she comes across. And as a teacher have seen (along with many awesome parents) some real poor excuses for parents, so we were once talking about my sister's long adoption wait and the injustice of it all.


lilly2 - April 11

Hi Emma1, i know how is hard and what you are going trough.Baby will happend to you, try to concentrate o yours problems as much as you can and as well try not to see to much other people babies....I am shore you'll have yours soon.My dh's friends came at his parrents with 2 one 11 month and the other 3 years.I played with them a lot and i was thinking i am happy for them and it is others people life...My best friends in Serbia have allready 22 years old doughter and another about 16 and i am right now in the stage to become mom 20 and more years latter!God knows why is like that!All other friends have at list 7 yearsold kids, but i had so many problems and had no time to think ar to aford, try just to wait and enjoy life, b/c you are young and it will came.Good luck and hope you'll get better soon.I know one day yours litlle baby will put a big smile on your face.Helen, my original language is serbian but i may speack and understand any former yugoslav language.As well i studed russian and italian, but as you said if you don use it it is hard to speak.I never learned english in a school but b/c live in Australia a had to learn somehow and it is harder when you not so young like teenegers.So yours, apetite is in change?I have to eat very often, or i will start feel sick.Last nite had very sore boobs and very unussuall feeling in tummy.Think everyone can see i am preggie even i am still hyding b/c i am so sceard of m/c.Need to do blood test and i should know more soon...Will keep informing you, take care and baby dust to all.


Helene - April 13

Hi, Lilly! Good luck with your blood test. I know what yo mean about being nervous. I have been so nauseous on and off, but at least every morning felt it. Three days ago it was mild. Yesterday and today, none at all (although I had heartburn late in the day yesterday) so now I am extremely paranoid. I am so worried because of the past, like you said. I may call the nurse at the office later and ask her what she thinks.. i think by now they realize that I am a bit of a basket case. I have a friend whose mom is from Croatia originally. She lives in Queens, NY and has a several friends who are from Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia ( and other areas, too) because there are a lot of people in that are who have immigrated from those countries. She told me that Croatian has a lot of similarities to Italian. She knows how to speak some of it from her mom, but recently started taking a class in it, and said, damn! This is pretty hard! So yeah - much harder to learn as we get older. Tomorrow will be 8 weeks - I hope all is okay.


lilly2 - April 14

Helen, glad you are doing well.Have you heard your babys haertbit?My doc.said when they once you heard babys haert there is less than 2% of m/c.For me is till early and this first months are very critical till week 12.It is goo not to vomit, taking energy from you.I just feel like i need quiet, dark place to rest and it makes me happy to stay home.specially here is so hot and it makes me more irritable.Cold is nice and fresh air helps a lot.My blood test will be on tuesday and it is hard to waith.I am still nauseous but still eating salty-sour food and than i am ok.Yes,we are similar to italians and greeks, very familira people.It is hard to learn other languages, as you said in late ages.Honestly i wish i am much closer in Europe, Australia is beautifull country, but something is missing.To quet, to many rules and everyere beautifull homes and streets, but you cant see people and you can drive for a long time arround subburbian areas you wouldnt see anyone.Look to me sometimes like goust area...I had a look on the tv about Italy, France, Greece, is so green and alive!Food is excelent and good quality.My dh is aussie and hi likes too.So if one day i win some money, i will go with dh to live ovethere.For now i can just keep dreaming...


Helene - April 14

Hi, Lilly! Yes, they saw the heartbeat on the u/s at 6w 6d. The tech turned it up high so I got to hear it, too. I am happy for that but still worry because when I started to bleed with the last pregnancy I went to the hospital and we saw the heartbeat on the u/s, but then I m/c that night or next day. But I feel differently this time. Even a friend of mine said to me that she rememebred that last time I kept saying my stomach had constant motion in it, and she (who was on her second pregnancy) said, gee that's funny, I don't. Now I have only occasional tiny aches or pms cramps, but mostly it is just gas, with some twinges that I chalk up to the uterus stretching. When you lived in Europe, were you in the city? I live in a suburban area in New York and yes, it can be like that here, too. Although the houses in our neighborhood are close together so I see kids out in the summer. There is definitely more activity going on in the city. My family is from NYC but moved to the suburbs when I was two and I live even farther from the city now. I went to college in the city, and I have some friends who live in the city, and I have to say that when I visit, sometimes I miss all the excitement and activity. Good luck with your blood test on Tuesday. I will be thinking of you. take care! ANd happy holidays, if this is your holiday!


SerineMali - April 15

Hey... I totally understand how you're feeling. I'm overseas right now and everyone on my base is pregnant. It's so frustrating especially because I work in the hospital and i use to work in Labor and Delivery. I think it's starting to affect me on a personal level and with the whole self-esteem thing. I hate to say that i'm kinda jealous but I'm having so much trouble but some people I know just got pregnant so easily. I feel out the club, everyone around me is prego. Sometimes trying to hard can keep it from happening.... but I don't know what else I can do.


lilly2 - April 15

Helen glad to hear from you.I am still sceard and very nauseous.Need to rest alot.Today i took some ginger herball pills and hope it will keep nausea a way from me.Hope you all have safe Easter time.



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