TTC #1 and over 34? - Part 3
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NatashaV - November 25

This thread is for anyone who's been ttc for a long time (for me it's been almost 3 years), has never had a baby, and is over 34 years old. If that describes you, please feel free to join us! If it sorta does, join us anyway! :) We're here to offer our experiences, knowledge, a kind ear, and support to each other as we strive to get our bfp's and ultimately, healthy babies... :)


constance - November 25

Thank you for starting a new thread and for your "novel" at the end of PT II. I found your story helpful and upbeat. :)


cromwell - November 26

Yeah, new thread. Thanks Natasha for moving us. It is was too difficult to respond at home since that my pc is slow....Rachel, I am really keeping my fingers crossed--I hate it that you won't consider at least a couple of injectible cycles-- some women just don't do well with the IUI/Clomid thing in spite of growing good follicles. I had to come back early from TG to get a scan this morning. Dh was a good sport since it was his family we cut out on! Two follies, one good, one smaller (19). Oh well. This is round 4, then we will probably do a lap procedure and move onto injectibles. Stacie, Natasha, I really have this feeling everything is going to work out for you. Dana, I don't konw that Clomid is the answer to your problems. I would jump on the chance to get another blood test. Thyroid problems will DEFINITELY impact your abiltiy to conceive or carry a baby to term. I am going to bring it up again with my RE because we never pursued any of that yet. Thyroid levels probably change some. Also, there is some immune response that certain women have that causes them to repeatedly miscarry. I would research that. The Clomid might be used to stimulate production of MORE eggs, thereby increasing the chances there is a good one there especially if your FSH is high. Good luck everyone, I have a stunning amount of optimism for all of you. Laurie


tynadu - November 27

Hello ladies! I have been ttc(off and on) for 12years i am now 30. I have decided to try until I am 35. If it is not to be I plan to travel and see the world. And love and have fun with DH the best I can. But until the Good Luck to all! ***BabyDust***


Georgiatoo - November 28

Hi everyone, we'll I'm finally at 7 dpo - moving along quite slow as usual. I tried to start doing the temp this this month, but since I have nothing to compare to it won't make much sense. In the past six days my temp has climed steadily - I imagine this is not a bad thing. Anyway, Laurie I wanted injectables this cycle, but my re said that wasn't "the plan" - funny my body my plan - makes more sense to me. This is where I worry that the clinics are running a business. I know I'm just cranky because my first IUI didn't work and I've lost a little faith. Anyway, if no bfp next week we will skip next month and maybe move to another clinic in January. I have not been overly impressed with my current clinic. We're outside of Atlanta and have like 5 to choose from - problem is I don't know which is the best one. Does anyone have any ideas? Lauire - is this round four IUI? Sorry if I've asked that before. Anyone else Hello tynado - welcome to the thread. I've decided December is the month we are all going to get pregnant so you've come just in time!


dana - November 28

Georgiatoo.... if December is the month for all of us, that would be absolutely fantastic and amazing. I'm going to the blood work this week. I have been trying to find the time, but it's just been so crazy here. It snowed here, which it never does so the city all but shut down and no-one will go to work. Sissy's. Anyway, I'll get that done. Tracey... thank you for your amazing post. I have added that particular link to my favorites and look at it all the time. It's so hard to go back and find these threads once we've gone to a new one. Natasha, thank you also for your words of wisdom. You guys really are an inspiration. It's good to have you. Question: When you are ovulating, do you BD every day, every two days, three days? Which days, day 10, 12, 14??? Curious. We were doing every two starting on day 10 or something. But I've switched things up a bit this month. Day 11, 13, 15. We'll see what happens. Who knows. But December is our month, right?


meme_g - November 29

Hi Ladies! I sure hope December is our month - I'm ready for a BFP!! I do have my surgery scheduled for 12/18 so that's good - I'll be quiet for work, so I can rest and relax afterwards and recover. Otherwise, not really focused on TTC - I had to just get away from it a bit and am feeling much better. I have had my moments though decorating for the holidays and every now and then, think I simply cannot believe that I don't have my baby yet or that at least I was pregnant - I just had no idea when we started ttc that nearly 18 mos later I would be here. But then, just as fast I tell myself, I am grateful for this time to appreciate errand running ( which is so much easier without an infant) - watching my friends with kids - I know. We enjoy going to the movies on the spur of the moment and just the time to ourselves. Not that I'm not ready tomorrow for my baby I am, but just to see the bright side of the freedom we have now and really appreciate so that when I dont' have it for a while, I can look back on these days and remember them well. So I go back & forth between 'oh whoa is me' to 'yes, life is good'. Oh well, I guess I'm human. Anyway - we are doing good otherwise and we are so glad we can do the lap this year, and focus in 2007 on baby making (or at least the practice of it!) :-) Chat with y'all soon!


Georgiatoo - November 29

Dana, I was told every other day, but after 2.5 years of ttc I'm clearly not doing something right :) Maybe we need a new schedule too - that just sounds sexy doesn't it! Meme, how do I know if I need a lap or not - my RE has never said anything, but there are a lot of things I've learned that she didn't bother to share with me - enjoy your break and have lots of champagne for New Years. I'm on 8 dpiui - If a bfn this month we will wait until next year too and look at our options. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that this month might be it - of course, absolutely NO symptoms or anything hopeful like that - just my eternal optimism! Yes, I think December is the month! Oh yeah, is there a bbt range for pregnancy or is everyone different? I've started tracking this month so I have no history to compare to. My temp has been steadily climbing from 97.7 (1dpiui) to 98.17 (today) - that does not seem high to me....LOTS of Baby Dust!


meme_g - November 29

Hiya! As for a BD schedule - tried all sorts of combos - every other day, every day, twice a day, every third day, 4 days before ov and the day after, 2 days before, and day of ov, day of ov only. Nothings worked so far - so I'm now of the opinion, to do it as you like and when it happens it happens. It just became way too much work and effort thinking about it and it not working. I'm having a lap because of 1) painful periods (that have increasinly gotten worse over the last 6 mos, 2) painful sex after I started clomid, 3) family history of endo (mom and 2 aunts had it bad) AND 4) it is the final diagnostic test for unexplained infertility. My RE is of the opinion that even if you are not having ANY symptoms, there can be endo (even as small as the size of a pin, and because there is inflammation, there are white cells present to fight it) and that could be a reason why no pg has occurred. So rather than wonder, he would prefer to do the test and if he finds anything cleans you out. He participated in a study where 67 women with unexplained infertility were offered the lap procedure. 38 said no and would continue with current treatment. 29 said yes. Of the 29 who had the lap done - all 29, had endo (many who had no symptoms), and of those 29, 22 went on to get pg within 6 mos - 7 of which were IVF. They proved that if you had to go on to more advanced procedures like clomid/injectables & IUI or IVF, that they had a higher pg rate with women who had a lap done. So, my RE uses the lap as the final diagnostic tool - and because fertility is enhanced afterwards for 6-9 mos, he feels that it is better to know and start with a clean slate than to always wonder, should you have had a lap done. Sorry for the novel - hope that helps you understand my doc's philosophy - I believe it was similar to Tracy's doctor as well.


Tracy88 - November 29

Meme, my doc does think very similarly and thank God for that or I don't think I'd be PG right now. Dana, ask about the lap and see if they can code it as medically necessary so your insurance will cover most of it. I think overall I am paying about 700 dollars, which is worth every damn penny.


Georgiatoo - November 30

Hi guys - here I am on 9dp iui - nothing to report except a mini breakdown last night because AGAIN I don't feel anything. Something about "why me" and "why is this so friggin' hard" . This is really getting depressing! Anyway, as I am a tester I will probably start tomorrow and keep torturing myself until af shows. I've started doing the temp thing - at least it's something different. If no luck this month (fingers still crossed) I will ask about the lap in December, then maybe try again in January of February. We will do one more IUI and I'm going to make them give me the injectables. Being 36 and ttc for 2.5 years I can't imagine why I would not be a candidate. Meme and Tracy - thanks for the lap info. Tracy - I hope you (and baby) are well. Anyway, I'll be sure to share any (hopefully) good news...


gmh - November 30

Hello ladies.. I am hopeing someone can give me some thoughts and has this been anyone else had this problem.. TTC for 3yr with and RE for 2.5yr. so like georgiatoo said "time for the big guns" injectable. Except I have had them stored in the refidgerator for 3cycles. I kept doing the blood work on CD3 and my FSH level has been to High 27-22. Today was my third try and the FSH is good but Estrogen and Proestrogen are too high. I have an appt. with the RE next Fri. but this cycle is a wash... I am so confussed. It is such a let down... I guess I don't get this harmone changes.. has anyone else has this problem... the only thing that I have be really told is that I maybe Pre-mentalpausel because I am 37, and I only have one ovary. Just feeling discouraged and dishearten...


NatashaV - December 1

Hi ladies, time for me to bd next week..anyone else? I'm kind of on a break, but ...I can't just stop trying! :) Dana, I used to obsess over bd days. But, these days we bd around cd10 or 11 so that the sperm are 'good' for O day, then try to bd on O day (usually around cd 14 or 15). As it was pointed out's not worked yet! :) Tracy, when did you bd again? tynadu, you're pretty young for this thread, but given how long you've been ttc, you're free to join us! (kidding..of course everyone is welcome :)). Good luck to you. Very interesting info about laps, meme. You sure got me thinking... I know it's silly, but I had 3 different psychics tell me that there's nothing wrong with me (medically) and that I haven't gotten a bfp because it's not been the right time. I have to say that deep down, I believe that. That, combined with no symptoms is why I never got a lap. But, you sure got me thinking... I totally hear you on feeling grateful for the freedom we have right now. We all want to be moms, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to enjoy this time. gmh, if your fsh is that high on day 3, I'm sorry to say that from what I understand that could definitely be causing your infertility..your RE may suggest doing ivf sooner than later. Good luck! Georgia, I know how you feel..something happens in your mind when you're on 2ww. It's like, a large part of you thinks "I know I'm not", but you always have a glimmer of hope and that hope can sometimes really tick you off when you think you're not pg! We understand! I had to check the calendar just now to tell you that I'm cd9..yay me, being able to let it go is much easier now that I know I have to wait for 4-6 months for an ivf consultation. Strangely, it's a relief almost. Hope to hear about bfp's soon... GO DECEMBER! :) (sorry, another long-ish post!)


Kristi1 - December 1

Hi everyone! Wow, seems like its been forever since I posted here...I try to get on and read every couple days to keep up, but just have not had much to say since we are still on our break....and how wonderful it has been!! I can't remember if I told ya'll or not, but dh and I are going on a cruise in Jan...just 5 weeks away!! I am sooo excited, its all I have been focusing on.. ;-) Well, went to RE for the first time this week. First did a consultation with the Dr, then had a vaginal u/s, then spoke with the nurse about how things work there, then went to see the billing lady....I was there 2 hours! Well, we are going to do IUI with Femara. Has anyone else done Femara?? You take the Femara like you do Clomid, but they will make me do a blood pg test every time before I can take it, and the first time we will do some other blood work as well... Then he explained there was an "easy" way or the "hard" way to do the IUI. We chose the "easy" way to start out of course ;-) The "easy" way is I will call them on cd1, do the blood pg test and take Femara cd3-7 or 5-9, then will start with the OPK' soon as I see the LH surge I call them and go in the very next day for the IUI. I will do this for 1-2 cycles, my choice, then I will go the "hard" way route. The "hard" way is I call them on cd1, do the blood test, take the Femara, then cd12 I go in for the u/s, check my follicles and if all is good, we schedule the IUI for cd14 with which I also have to do an Ovildrel injection 36hrs prior to IUI...the Ovildrel makes you release an egg... He says there is no difference in the end results (or better chances of pg) doing one way over the other, you can just monitor better and make sure everything is doing what it is supposed to do with the u/s route. But that requires more time off work, and a little more expense w/the u/s and injection added in. So, we will try the OPK route first, then go from there. I was pleasantly surprised that it will not be as expensive as I had thought it would. The IUI including the sperm washing will be $260 each time, the Femara will be around $40-50 each month and I get my blood work free through my insurance. The u/s should be covered under the insurance so will only have to pay a portion of that and the Ovidrel injection is about $ not bad considering I was expecting it to be alot more! However, if we dont get pg with the Femara/IUI, then there is FSH/IUI which FSH are daily injections and cost about $1,000 a month not including the IUI procedure and all we will definitely have to think about that. I am thinking a few IUI/Femara rounds and thats it for us. My booklet says you should try 4-6 IUI as it sometimes takes up to 6 months to get that is probably what we will look at. Anyhow, we had planned to do the first IUI in January so that we can pay the costs through my health spending acct here at work, however there is a really really good chance AF will show while we are on the cruise, so if that happens and I am not back home by cd5, we will have to wait till February....bummer, I was really counting on starting this in Jan...but we will just have to wait and see....hopefully AF will hold off till we get back! I really like the RE too, and all the people there seemed very nice - except the insurance lady, she was not overly friendly, but hopefully wont have to deal with her too often! Well I cant believe it is December!! I hope everyone is doing well and try to just enjoy your holidays! If you have not taken a break in a while, I highly reccommend it and what perfect time than through the hectic holidays! Anyway, not much to tell until after the first of the year, but I am still here checking in even if I dont write, and you are all in my prayers!!


Georgiatoo - December 1

Hi eveyone - Natasha, yes, that is exactly the feeling. Of course I tested this am, bfn, I'm 10dpiui so I still have a day or so but I think I'm out this cycle. I'm also proud of you for "really" relaxing about ttc. That is as hard to do as get pg! Gmh, I know how hard this is to go throught - my friends who had no problems getting pg just can't imagine looking at negative result month after month - it's unbearable. Dana - yes December is month - I'm just waiting for someone to pass along the good news! Kristi, we did our IUI's the "hard" way. I guess I wanted to make sure I was getting the most bang for my buck - I have no idea which is better :) I As for us we are switching re's - I just made an appointment with my new re for January. Do we have a consunsus on how many months anyone should take Clomid? I originally heard no more than 3-6 months, then I've heard some people take if for more than 12 months...I'm just trying to decide if I should take it for December. - it would be month 6 for me. We aren't going to do another IUI until January (hopefully with injectables), but I thought I would sneak in one last round of clomid and bd'ing - thoughts? Sorry if I missed anybody - I'm a litte sad today :(


dana - December 1

Georgia... I UNDERSTAND your sad day! I have them every month! Yeesh! This month is weird. My temps are all over the place, and I wasn't have really having fertile cm, so I'mnot quite sure ovulation happened this month. We bd on Day 11, day 13 and day 14. Today is cd15 and we will bd once more tomorrow because of this weird cycle thing happening and the appearance of what might be fertile cm...?? I mean we will bd again, but not for pg reasons... y'know what I mean. We are going away for Christmas to dh's parents. It will be nice to get away, but even nicer to get back. DH has to work between Christmas and NYears, but I have it off! I am going to stay home and sleep and read and perhaps even watcha soap opera!!!


Tracy88 - December 1

Georgiatoo, since you are seeing new RE in January I would not do clomid again. First because if you want to do injectables soon, then it's good to give your body a wee break so you can start from scratch. I mean think about it, what if your ovaries are enlarged when you go to start injectables? They will cancel your cycle and you will have to wait that out anyway. And the second reason is you don't want to be on clomid for more than 6 months, so what if your new doc wanted to try something new that included clomid? You just never know. I did clomid for three cycles and then moved to a new RE. I could have done a fourth cycle, but I wanted to save my opportunities in case he had a better idea. I took the month before seeing my new RE off from meds so that I could be open to anything he suggested because I knew he was good and wanted to be ready. Just my opinion though. I also may sound pessimistic when I say this, but I was told that if clomid has not worked by the third time, that the odds of it working are drastically lowered after that. Save yourself for the good stuff!



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