TTC #1 and over 34?
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NatashaV - August 27

Hi all, welcome to Part II of our thread! This thread is for anyone who's been ttc for a long time (for me it's been over 2 years), has never had a baby, and is over 34 years old. If that describes you, please feel free to join us! If it sorta does, join us anyway! :) We're here to offer our experiences, knowledge, a kind ear, and support to each other as we strive to get our bfp's and ultimately, healthy babies... :)


Tracy88 - August 27

Welcome back from your reunion. Glad you had a good time. Having kids can be crazy, but we all know, it's well worth it. I feel sorry for myself too sometimes. I see others with kids and wonder, why not me, have I done something to deserve this??? All in all though I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I had my first of two IUI's this morning. Piece of cake. Just been watching movies and sleeping like a lazy couch potato. I was told by the andrologist this morning that DH had excellent numbers, so this crap better work. I'm scared. I can't believe you are already 11dpo. Maybe I should go away for a couple of days to pass time now that my TWW is pretty much beginning as we speak. My sisters are coming, we are having a huge party for my mom, I am then leaving for New York, then going to Vermont, BUT all after my TWW is over. Oh well, such is life. Do you think you will test or do you usually wait it out?


Kristi1 - August 28

Hi ladies! Glad to see a new thread, I was thinking the old one was getting a little long... Natasha, I hear you on seeing how crazy things can be, my dh and I were just a restruant or somewhere, I dont remember, but there was some unruly kids and we just looked at each other like "are we sure want to take part in that???" But, like Tracy said, we know it will be worth it! Tracy, glad to hear your IUI's went well....was it uncomfortable or anything? I dont know even really know what they do when you have an IUI...did they do the sperm wash on your dh's semen? That will be our next step I think if no pg this month....but it will be a few months still, and I think we are going to take at least one month if not two off....I just need the break and my body needs the break from the Clomid.... Well, I O'd yesterday (Sunday) on cd 14, I am now cd15 and 1dpo....we bd'd Friday even, and Sun morn AND Sun night, and will bd tonight again, so I am really hoping this works out! I wish we would have bd'd Saturday, but I didnt think I would O till today, so had it all planned to bd Sun/Mon/Tue....oh well, that is why we went for it twice yesterday! So now I just Tracy, we will be together in our 2ww....I think this happened last month too didnt it? I go to see my OB for regular yearly pap on Tues Sept 5th and I should be cd23, so I think she will do a progesterone test.....or is that too late to do one to see if you O'd or not?? Is it ok to have a pap if you are pg?? I will 9 dpo is all I guess...I just get so scared of doing ANYTHING that may in the slightest bit possible be harmful to the egg when I am in my to to chiropractor, that is ok isnt it?? Geez... Anyway, Natasha, keep up posted, let us know if you test or what happens.... Check back in later!!


cromwell - August 28

Hi all. Tracy, hope this IUI does the trick. Kristi, I don't even want to work out after the big O, I am so freaked out about jostling the egg or something. I have the hsg? dye test tomorrow. Dreading it big time. Really sucks that I seem to have good CM this month. Ah, at least I don't feel as though I am ovesharing when I am on the anonymous internet. I guess that means this cycle is a bust period, right? I hope to ovulate w/in the next couple of days. That isn't enough time to clear all that junk. What do you guys know of this? I kind of think it is a waste since we did have a m/c earlier in the year. Laurie


Kristi1 - August 28

Laurie, I dont think it is a waste... What cd are you on? They usually do the HSG on cd 8-10 or so I believe, so they do it before you O so that you have a better chance of getting pg..... So after tomorrow, I think they have you wait a day or so, then bd like crazy!! They say alot of women get pg after an HSG and during the first three cycles after the HSG (including the cycle you have the HSG). And if you m/c eariler this year, you may have some "leftover" stuff that needs to get cleaned out, and alot of times the dye will push all the "debris" out of your tubes and get them flowing really good. I had and HSG in June, so this was my 3rd cycle....but my tubes were clear, I just have two small polyps that my OB doesnt think should be causing any probs, but the RE who did the dye test said I would need to get them removed, so I dont know. Anyhow, dont be nervous, it didnt hurt me at all, just some AF type cramping for a few hours and a little bit of watery pink spotting then I was fine. Just make sure you take some kind of pain reliever about 1 hour before you have the test, that will help with the cramping. I had the best cm ever when I O'd right after the HSG..... So good luck and it all turns out ok!!


cromwell - August 28

Thanks Kristi. It will be Day 10 and I usually O around 10-12 ish. Natasha, what is happening with you? Baby dust to all of you. We are all getting pregnant, we are all getting pregnant, my mantra.


Tracy88 - August 28

Laurie, just get nookie a day or two after your HSG anyway. I don't think it's a bust either. Do you do OPK's? Maybe you are not ready to ovulate yet anyway, and yes, they do these tests with that in mind, SO GET SOME NOOKIE!!!!! IUI #2 went well, I am ovulating so I am in a lot of discomfort/pain since I am probably kicking out more than one egg per ovary, plus I had millions of sperm shoved in me two days in a row, so..........I am going to cut this short and go lay down. Just wanted you guys to know I am well and will be back on the computer as soon as I can sit comfortably! Laurie, love the mantra!


hopeful-for-one - August 28

Thanks Natashe for hte new thread. Well nothing new here. Tracy I am praying for you that it works out for you. I am on cd10 I believe & we actually bd'ed yesterday. I hope that all of you are doing well & that the baby fairy visits all of us this month! Laurie, that mantra is great, keep saying it =0) Baby dust to all & high spirits as well. ~j~


hopeful-for-one - August 28

Soory, my brain & fingers don't cooperate & type correctly!! lol


hopeful-for-one - August 28

See? Did it again! =0)


baby1234 - August 29

Hi ladies. Tracy glad to hear the IUI's went well. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you big time! Laurie, the hsg is a good idea to make sure everything looks good as far as your tubes go. I have also heard of the three month boost the hsg gives you. The advil advice is good. I took 2 before and didn't feel much at all, just a little cramping afterward. Bring a pad, though, because you'll need it when the dye runs out. (TMI, I know!) Kristi, let this be a fast two weeks. Hopeful, enjoy the next couple of days! Natasha, how are you feeling? Things on my end are moving like crazy. Went for a scan today and have two 17mm and one 11mm folicles. Dr. lowered my dosage of gonal f and it looks like I'll get triggered on Wednesday. I guess that means an IUI on Friday. I think that will be cycle day 11 and the day I thought I would start my period this cycle. It has been so fast and such a strange month. My acupuncturist was excited and says that we really got my systems moving...I'll believe that when I see a positive!! Well, that is all for now. Sticky baby dust to all! Stacie


NatashaV - August 29

Hi all, nice to see you all on our new thread! I'm doing okay...disappointed because my temp was low this morning. :( I tend to check it around 11-13dpo to see if it's low or high (that's the only time I temp anymore). This morning it was low, too low to be pg. I don't do hpt's, I find that VERY depressing to see only one line because you get so built up with excitement waiting those long 2 minutes. Anyway, I know it's not over till af shows, but it looks like it's likely a bust. Tracy, I wish you luck after your two IUI's..I hope it worked! Kristi, I know what you mean about trying to bd on the 'right days', it's hard emotionally and mentally (never mind as we discussed before, making sure that dh is ready/able to participate). I think from now on, I'm going to use OPK only a couple of days to confirm O. I'll just bd on days 12 & 14 and be done with it. I always O around cd13-15. I hate the feeling that I missed the day and trying to plan it exactly etc etc. - it's stresses me out! I'm doing whatever I can these days to alleviate that ttc stress. I think it's working.. Of course once af hits, I'll likely get more emotional/upset because of the raging hormones etc. fun. Laurie, try not to worry about the hsg, mine was fine and my tubes were clear (had it done about a year ago). There was slight pinching for about 10 seconds and the rest felt like a pap test. Hopeful and baby1234, good luck this cycle ladies!


Tracy88 - August 29

Laurie, good luck with the HSG tomorrow. Everything will be fine. It's a piece of cake. Nice to hear from all of you and thanks for all the positive thoughts regarding the IUI's. I started getting depressed a little while ago. I don't know, this TTC stuff just puts so much pressure on us all. I feel like I'm about to crack. Stacie, good luck with the follies and trigger, etc.... I can now say, "I can relate." Keeping my fingers crossed for you too. Natasha, sorry to hear your temps weren't as high as you'd hoped. Beyond that I guess all we can do is wait it out and see what happens. I hoping for the best for you. Talk to you guys tomorrow. I am going to take my depressed self back to the couch!


Kristi1 - August 29

Hi ladies....Laurie, how was the HSG? Tracy, sorry about the depression...I think we can all totally relate. That is why I am actually looking forward to this month taking a break - if I am not pg of course, which would be really awesome, but if not, I want a break!! We did not bd last night, niether one of us were up to it after having done it twice on Sunday, and I just didnt feel very good all day and we were rather than try to force it and possibly have it not work out and then get all upset that it didnt work, we just decided to not do it at all. So hopefully the Friday night bding and two times on Sunday did the trick!! Stacie, good luck with your stuff, Natasha, sorry about the low temp...I temp everyday and wish I had never started becuase now I know too much about what they all mean!! Well, I will try to check back later, I am taking Friday off from work, so am trying to get ahead.... Baby dust to all!!


cromwell - August 29

Ladies, the most interesting thing happened. Okay, so there are two REs in the clinic I go to. The older one with 30 years experience was the one I chose. The younger one came from New Jersey and he did my first IUI. Anyway, today he also did the dye test. It turns out the radiologist was the wife of a friend I used to work with--very helpful since I was "quaking in my boots", if you will. Anyway, she kept me talking while he was doing the test. Afterward, he was saying how this might be helpful immediately and said he just did this procedure with a woman last month or something and she was now pregnant. Wait, there is more!! I said "yeah, but was she almost 38?" He said, "my wife is 40 and we just IUI'd her last week" !!!! They also have a two year old. Isn't that a call for optimism ladies??? Anyway, thanks for your positive vibes, it went great. One tube was a little slow to take dye but there was no serious blockage. Traci, when one of us is less positive then it is definitely the job of the others to pick it up. I was really jazzed that this RE's wife was 40, particularly since it was his older RE partner that said to me the first day "getting started kind of late" or something. Let us be clear with the universe, we want and deserve children. We are getting pregnant. Baby dust....Laurie


hopeful-for-one - August 29

Hi ladies. Glad to hear that everyone is doing ok. Natasha, sorry to hear about hte low temp but you have to keep positive because you never know. I stopped doing my temps a long time ago because I got tired of the same results day in & day out. Laurie I am glad that the hsg went well for you & that you weren't in pain, it is just an uncomfortable feeling. Tracy I am still keeping my fingers crossed for you, we really need a good thing to happen to all of us don't we? Stacie, I hope you IUI's work out as well. Kristi, I can totally relate, we took last month off & it was so nice not having to worry & wonder if AF was coming or hoping if I was pg. Now if I can just get the dh to cooperate this month! =0) Good luck to all of you out there & baby dust to all! ~j~


Tracy88 - August 30

Laurie, it's nice to hear things worked out with the HSG. I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday, I got into a major funk. I left my house to run my pre-tropical storm errands when I got a call on my cell from DH. He said he had something to tell me and wanted me to know before I was suckerpunched with the news. His brother's wife just got a BFP. I can't really get into the details about why this hit me so hard without writing a novel, but this is the same girl who smirked when I told her clomid didn't work for me and I was due for a lap. This is the same brother who ragged on my husband when he confided that we were having trouble conceiving, this is the same couple who is miserable every day of their lives and do nothing but complain about each other. So I cried my eyes out until I became numb. I am still reeling with anger and resentment, but trying to find peace within myself through reading Buddhist proverbs and inspirational quotes. I know my anger will get me nowhere, but this one just hit very close to home for some reason. I'll come around and take the high road, I always do, but for now, I just want to cry.



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