TTC 13 mos., maybe due to lack of sex!!!
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bethtwo - June 24

My husband seems to be sick all the time, sleeps all the time. Dr's are trying to figure out why, but in the mean time, what about our relationship? No one seems to understand how much stress this puts on a marriage. I have thought to myself, how can I go on living like this? If I did have a child, I'd have to put them in daycare while I go to work because I couldn't trust my husband to get up to take care of it. He seems to be half dead, I can't even wake him up myself sometimes. I even sit him up on the side of the bed hoping he'll wake up. Nothing seems to work. We have sex maybe once a month if that, and it's driving me insane! I want to be able to have sex, and not worry so much about the pregnancy issue. I definitely want a family, but our relationship needs to be fed as well. Most wives wouldn't stick around like I do, but I'm a christian and believe we are married for several reasons, but I wish he weren't sick so much. I'm seriously needing some sex here! Ok, even a hug and kiss hello and goodbye would be nice. Maybe some intelligent conversation. Any suggestions for how I can deal with all this? Other than leaving him and jumping into bed with some other guy. :) thank you for allowing me to vent!!!


Tammy276 - June 24

Oh sweetie, vent all you want. It sucks when you want some luvin and don't get it. My hubby always seems to be tired and "not feel good" when I am ovulating. It sucks. We are ttc, and it is hard when you can't get them to have sex w/ you when you want it. It sounds like you hubby might have some underlying medical conditions though? have they done blood tests or anything like that to try and figure it out? I'm sure he loves you and isn't doing it purposley you know? Sometimes marriages go through a "dry spell". I know ours did. But we love each other and we talked about some things and now we are better. I hope everything works out, and I hope your hubby is o.k., health wise.


faith2 - June 24

Bethtwo, I am going through a similar situation. I am also a christian and believe in the covenant of marriage. Often times my husband is tired and we are not able to have sex as many times as I would like. It's very frustrating especially when trying to conceive. Perhaps you can plan a vacation or something around the time you are suppose to ovulate. Maybe he needs some rest away from the every day stresses of life. He may also be dealing with some type of failure or depression. Men tend to lose intrest in sex when they are feeling down on themselves. If this is the case, you may have to stroke his ego to help him feel good about himself again. There could be serveral things going on with him. Because you are a christian ..i'm sure you know the power of prayer. Don't stop praying and I will pray for you also.


bethtwo - June 24

Yes, he does have some medical conditions, which have caused him to already be on disability benefits, though it's not enough for much. He feels bad about a lot of things, and is pretty depressed. I had the dr. run some blood tests yesterday, i'm thinking he has an autoimmune disease, actually I think it may be lupus. He has a lot of the symptoms of that, but i hope it's not. I think I like your vacation idea, seems like hotels are a good thing for him sometimes. I will do that, our anniversary is this thurs., and maybe i'll have to set us up for a night.


faith2 - June 26

I hope the blood test comes back negative for autoimmune disease. Hopefully, he doesn't have anything to serious going on. The hotel sounds like a great idea for your anniversary. Babydust to you guys this many years will this be.


bethtwo - June 26

It will be 4 years on thurs. he got his testosterone injection last Friday so hopefully that will help!!! :)



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