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kim - May 27

hello everyone whos reading. ive been trying to get pregnant for 2yrs now, my dr has put me on a waiting list to see a gyn which may take up to 4months for my turn. ive had blood tests and dh has done semen analysis which were both fine, its taking so long to just know if im infertile or not please someone give me some advice on how i can improove my chances.............................


Kel - May 27

I'm ttc 5th month now, so not nearly as long as you. Maybe you could give US some advice of what you have found to try over the months. I have found and tried (am trying) rrlt, sperm to egg plan, opks, temperatures, cm observation. I have read about egg whites, fertility booster teas, and preeseed, but have not tried any of these yet (need to research more about them). What have you tried?


Dawn - May 27

Hi! My husband and I tried for over 2 years to get preg. I didn't want to try fertility meds, so I went the natural way. I heard of a nurtitionist who formulates his own supplements. Anyway, I called him and he told me what I should take and told me that it usually doesn't even take 3 months until you get preg. He sent them to me in the mail. I gave it a try and was preg in 2 1/2 months. I have been reccommending this to everyone I can. All of my friends that took it have become preg in less than 3 months too!!! If you are interested, you can email me and I will send you all the info.


Dawn - May 27

Sorry, i forgot to leave my email. It is [email protected].


kim - May 27

thanx for the message kel, well ive tried teas, vitamins, etc.... ive heard dong quai is supposed to be good its a chinese remedy, i pray every day that 1 day soon i will hold my baby in my arms and never let go... baby dust comind your way love kim


kim - May 27

hi dawn, that sounds really interesting because i will try almost anything at the moment, please tell me more and its very much appreciated love kim.x x x



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