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jennylynn413 - January 24

My husband and I have been TTC the past two months. I have been off my birth control for 6 months now. Last month we had unprotected sex. About a week before my period, I had 3 days of brown blood..not enough to put a tampon in at all. Then when my period was supposed to come, I had one day of brown blood again, still not enough to put a tampon in. I have taken two home pregnancy tests and both have been negative. For the past three days I have been nauseated and very dizzy. I have only been consuming about 500 calories a day, because I have no appetite and been feeling very sick. Could those tests be wrong or am I just imagining things? Any advice will help...


BabyOnMyMind - January 26

I know that a lot of times the tests can be wrong. My sister had the brown blood too. She was pregnant. It sounds like you have the symptoms too. Wait a couple days & test again. Good luck and lots of baby dust!


caribangell - January 29

yep sounds preggo to me. blessings. let us know



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