trying two year now to have a baby
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yam - March 20

i got check up from my doctor and she told me i am fine i did all the necessary test and they all come back negative. i am so depress because i am 38 now and time is running out on me. Is any one out there having the same problem? please gave me some advice thanks.


Apalonia - March 21

Hi Yam, My name's Polly. I know how you feel and I empathize greatly. I am sure that is really frustrating. I also have been trying for two years and they tell us it is my husband's problem with low sperm counts due to vericosele. we have tried IUI 2x and now we are opting for IVF. It is so much money and I am terrified that if it doesn't work I will have no other chance. Have you and you partner tried IUI? Let me know if you have any questions. I will do my best to answer. If nothing is worng with either of you it could be your best shot.


Dawnn - March 21

Hi Yam; I too have been ttc for over 2 years now. Had all the blood work done which was fine - even had an HSG procedure done which is also suppose to help clear your tubes if there are any blockages - but my tubes were fine - so I thought it might help but alas that was back in December. My fiance and I have had 2 miscarriages during that time - the last one was 13 months ago and I haven't been able ttc since. I am 37 years old and have started seeing a RE. He has me on clomid days 2-6 100mg. This is my second cycle on it and am hoping this is the month. I really think you too should look into a fertility specialist as they really do have more knowledge than the average family doctor.


Deana611 - March 21

I am...I understand how you feel. You feel worthless! My husband and I have been trying for several months now, no success. My dr is talking clomid


yam - March 22

Hi Polly yes i try all of that and nothing work it cause me a lots of money.So my husband say he is not going to try nothing more i must just let it remain that way.Because may be we are playing God.But God knows i really want a next child.My only child is 16 on march 2 2007.Please remember me in your prayers.And i will do the same for you.


yam - March 22

Hi Dawnn thanks for the answering back.I wish this month be my month too.Right now i am having my period.But it is coming very light my husband said i should go see the doctor.Because this is not normal. what do u think?


yam - March 22

Yes i do feel very worthless and some time i cry when i see other women with their baby.I think about it real hard. sometimes i ask God why me?I have two friend that get pregnant last month and they both do an abortion.look how i want it and they are getting it and do not want it.


Apalonia - March 22

Hi Yam,
Yes it does seem so unfair. Looks like the group of us are in the 35 and up category. I know how Dh's can be so stubborn. Last month my husband decided he was not taking his vitamins which I put the kybosh on quickly. Tell your husband doctor's are put on Earth to do God's work. It's like that joke where a man is drowning and a boat, helicopter and a yaght come to recue him and he refuses saying God will save him but when he dies and goes to heaven he asks god why he did not save him and god answers that he sent him a boat, helicopter and a yaght and he refused them all. Maybe it's bad comparrison. Hi dawn and Deanna are either of you doing IUI? What are your next steps?


Dawnn - March 22

Hi Apolonia: No were not trying IUI yet - actually my RE said if i do not conceive this month on 100mg of clomid then he wants to try 150mg. I've had REALLY BAD mood swings on it so I am not looking forward to him upping the dose. He said if that didn't work than we would try other fertility drugs. He did not say what kind nor did he even mention IUI - hmmm - will have to ask about this next time I see him which will be Tuesday when I go for my monthly blood preg test. Hoping this is the month!! Baby dust to all!


yam - March 23

Thanks for the encouragement i told my husband what you said.he just smile.i am not giving up keep me in your prayer.


Apalonia - March 28

Hey Yam and Dawn,
anything new???


yam - March 28

yes i am having shorter period now use to be six but move down to four days. For this month i only come with spotting.I was i bite worried but not any more. I think i like it this way less bleeding i love it.


yam - May 12

Hello guys the trying is over i am now pregnant. i am ten day late i test yesterday it was positive but to make sure i went to my Doc to day the blood works confirm it. I thank the good lord for answering my prayers Help me pray that every thing goes well with us.



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