Trying to pg after the pill
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Debbie - May 7

I have been of the pill now for 7 months because my husband and I want to have a baby. I heard that it takes a couple of months for your body to get used to not having the pill. Anyone have any idea on how long it takes? I thought I should have been pg by now, its been 7 months??


Heather - May 7

I was on bcp for 8 years. Went off in August 03. From 8/03 to 11/04 I had a total of maybe 8 periods. After testing for PCOS along with other things my dr said I was fine. Just don't ovulate. She gave me provera to force my af & then clomid. I conceived the first month! Miscarried unfortunately but at least I know I wasn't getting pg because I wasn't ovulating. Have you charted your temp or taken opk's or anything like that??


Vicky - May 9

Hello! I know how you feel! Its very frustrating and every month you bleed you want to just give up hope! This has been my fourth month of trying now! It can take every woman different amounts of time as I have witnessed myself! My friend and I come off the pill at roughly the same time and she fell pregnant as soon as she come off - I mean in that week she got pregnant thats how quick it was for her! But its really getting me down now because I was really hoping that I was pregnant last month as I only had a bleed for one day and I thought maybe it was implatation bleeding but obviously not because I got up yesterday and a few hours later bled more. My periods are really mixed up too... I come off the pill in January and then had a bleed a few days later. I then come on Mar 7th and then bled for a day on 14th April then had another half days bleed on 18th April. Then yesterday morning I had a very light break through but no blood and then in the evening I had cramping a some bleeding. I have had bleedding today so I am taking it that it's my AF afterall. I don't understand how I am meant to work out when I am fertile though! Any help from anyone?!xxxxxxxxxxx


Mary - May 10

Hi Debbie! You are not alone I have been off the pill for seven months now also and still nothing. I have heard that it is different for every woman and it also depends how strong your bc pill was... I heard from one person she heard six to eight months so hopefully soon for both of us!!! ;)


Linda - May 10

I turned 35 last Marcha nd have been off the bcp for 11 months. We have been trying to get pg, but no luck. My periods too are very irregular. Sometimes for one day, every other week, sometimes does not come for a couple of months. I have no idea when I'm ovulating. I bought the ovulating sticks and are always neg. I'm going to see my obgyn in a couple of months and ask about this HSG test I've been reading about and clomid. I'm 35 and getting very nervous about fertility. Never knew it was going to be this disappointing in trying to conceive. We are the last couple of our family and friends to have childrena nd its getting sad for me everytime we go to a b-day party. Any thoughts from anyone? Happy thoughts to all the woman in the same boat.


Samantha - May 10

I wish I had answers for you debbie, but unfortunately im in the same boat! I've given the pill one year-since I was on it for about 10yrs. non-stop. Im optimistic though... my periods range from 29-33 days apart...and i seem to bleed for 3-4 days. Im in my 6month since stopping BCP. I haven't had any ovulation bleeding that some people talk about and am always wondering if my body is doing what it should. I am 28 years hubby and I are very excited about ttc. We have to remain hopeful.... my hubby and I joke about the fact that it only seems hard to get pg because we are actually trying to! Good Luck-ive enjoyed reading this site in my research and prep work for becoming a mom!!


Amanda - May 10

Debbie, I might have some answers for you. I have been ttc since Dec. I was on depo and bcp for 4yrs. I just recently went to the dr. bc I haven't got a pos. "O" result on opk. I should get my results today, but in the mean time my dr. sd that it could take up to a year for your body to "O" after bcp. After that the medical intervention is needed.



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