Trying to have a Baby
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Brandi-Lynn - April 19

i'm 25 and ready to have a baby. i used to get regular periods monthly until about 5 years ago when they suddenly stopped. i've been to many different doctors trying to get answers and leaving empty handed each time. i finally found a wonderful doctor that gave me some answers a few months ago. Apparently i have very very low estrogen in my body, but everything else is working just fine. he had a look at my fallopian tubes and i have 6 eggs in one and 8 in another, but they just arent getting released during my lack of a monthly period. he also had me take estrogen pills to build the lining of my uterus and then progesterone to make it shed, causing a period. i have done this 2 times now with no luck of a period. he finally told me to come back when we are ready to get pregnant and he will do a little "tweaking" then and that im one of the easiest cases to help in getting pregnant. he also told me that i have a low chance of getting pregnant on my own, but it could still happen. we've been only trying for a few months just to see, but we really want it to happen soon. Is anyone else having a similar problem to this of not having a period or low estrogen in there body? im worried that even with the doctors help its still going to be tough.


ginger6363 - April 19

Hi Brandi, just wanted to tell you to stay positive. Every lady TTC, even ones without problems, fears not being able to have a baby. Truth is, you just gotta go with a positive attitude and try. It may take a while and it may be hard or it may happen for you quickly, but you dont know until you try. It's good you are looking into it now. I had 3 years of surgery and treatment pre-TTC in preparation for the big event, and one year of TTC before I got PG. (I am 20 wks now). Good luck!


Brandi-Lynn - April 19

Thank you! I'm glad i found this website, its nice being able to talk with other women that go thru similar problems. Congrats on your baby, i wish you best of luck


zimba - April 23

HI Brandi, i just want to encourage you not to lose hope. things will work out well for you. iis good that you are getting to understand your condition. that i believe is the first step to successfully achieving your goal. Good luck.



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