Trying to get pregnat
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Mrs.Mendoza - May 10

Hi, I had a misscarige last year it was my frist baby, Before that me and my husband had been trying for almost a year and got pregnat it's been a year and I haven't been able to get pregnat Im 30 yrs old and my hub is 40yrs old. what could be the problem? Please Help Me if you can in any way....... Thank You!


icedog198 - May 18

if your child was born on 9-9 when did u get pregnant


Milissa - May 19

Maybe you should go see a doctor to make sure there are no problems?? that is along time to be ttc..good luck to u :)


Melissa - May 19

If you have been ttc for a year you should go see your dr to get preliminary testing done. Good luck.


mendoza - May 30

i just want every one to know that i just found out im 7 weeks preg....



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