Trying to get pregnant with polycystic ovary syndrome
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rochellemartin - December 12

My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for the last 7 months. I just didnt think i was ovulating so i went to my gyno, and he did a vaginal ultrasoung and i have polycystic ovary syndrome. i have never heard of it before and no one in my family has it. I am doing some research about it but i just wanted to know if anyone else is goin through this or maybe someone that got pregnant with the syndrome. i am worried that me getting pregnant is a slim chance. please anyones advice will help. thanks


rochellemartin - December 12

bump d bump


thayward7 - December 12

You can get pregnant with PCOS, you just may need a little help. I have PCOS, not pregnant yet, but am hopeful. Did you get an insulin resistance test? This is common with PCOS - I have it and take Metformin to help. You doc may also prescirbe Clomid to help your follies mature... hang-in there girl. It will happen! Smiles and Babydust... T


star_4_baby - December 12

ofcourse you can get pregnent but chances of miiscarriage is higher with pcos...good luck and baby dust


thayward7 - December 12

I checked with my RE a while back about the miscarriage thing - while it's true for some PCOS women, not all... it depends on a particular elevated hormone. So, be sure to ask you doctor all of your levels and which one is related to the statistic of PCOS and miscarriage. Hope that helps! Smiles and Babydust... T


Megs - December 12

I too have "boarderline" PCOS. I have cycsts on my ovaries but none of the usual IR or other elevated hormone levels. I was told that even though I am not IR, metformin would help and dr said that clomid would be the next option... I am not pg, nor have I been. I was dx in October 2006. Just trying to lose weight, which dr said would help a lot! He said that even losing 10% might "cure" me. So that's what I'm doing... Good luck!!


linds99 - December 12

Hello, I have PCOS, diagnosed in May 2006. I am a thin PCOSer...I am 5ft5 and 125 pounds, don't have insulin resistance and all my blood levels came out normal, including FSH, estodioal, estrogen, progesterone, LH, etc... the reason why I mention all these details is because the ONLY symptom I had of it is not getting pregnant. I took three rounds of clomid and did 6 iuis...nothing. I also ovulated each cycle as proven by ultrasound...not pregnant (but clomid did help shorten my cycles to 29 days from 35-37 days before clomid). I want to say there may be egg quality issues linked with PCOSers, thus the reason why metformin may help you. I took metformin my last cycle of clomid...but didn't get pregnant, but after 13 months of trying to get pregnant (and at age 29), I wanted to get pregnant so I became more invasive about It and went the invitro route. Apparently, that is a whole other story with us pcos patients, because we produce so many eggs, we are at risk of hyperstimulating with meds...I just want to say that you may have a long road ahead of you but there is hope and we have obstacles that other women don't have. But my IVF revealed that my egg quality is good, no shell issues, didn't have to do the sperm injection in to the egg. This is the biggest concern of PCOS, is egg quality. I want to say take metformin, take prenatals and if you are over weight, lose weight...these things can control egg quality and eventually you may be more likely to get pregnant on your own. I probably would have at some point gotten preggers on my own, but I didn't want to wait and wonder when, thus my decision to go invitro, (and cure my paranoia of egg quality). If you are patient enough, try clomid and do the iuis to at least appease the possibility that you can get preggers with a little help, if that still doesn't work, you have another option, IVF, Stay positive and be patient. This is very hard and emotional thing to have, plus we are suseptible for depression. So do things that make you happy and don't let this destroy your mental health, which I can say, it can do it to us. Infertility is horrible. But, again, we have options and every woman is different. Maybe you are the lucky one that gets preggers through clomid and IUIs...but know your have many. Good luck.


almostthere - December 12

Hi...I have longer cycles at 35-40 days and when i had heavy bleeding with clots that lasted a week longer than my normal period...i went to the doctor and went for an u/s that revealed that i have mild pcos pattern on both the ovaries.I am only about 5 pounds overweight and have never missed a period.But the strangest thing is that we concieved in the very next cycle...on the very first attempt.And when at 7 weeks we went in for the u/s the baby was fine and my right ovary was polycystic but the corpus lutuem was well developed in the other ovary.I am at 9 weeks now and still concerned as i ahve been informed that the chances of missed miscarriage is considerably higher.You can definetely get pregnant with pcos but it takes a little longer because of the irregular cycles.Good Luck and baby dust to all!!


trying4agirl - December 12

Hi. I have PCOS - have had it for over 19 years of my life now...first symptoms appeared when I was 15, but back then no one called it that. (no one else in my family has it either.) Over time I have gained some weight, but most people who know me say I carry it pretty well (to me I feel fat and have changed my diet and I exercise more - I have a small frame and I'm short so I'd like to loose more but so far I've only lost 8-10 pounds over the last few months.) I am slightly isulin resistant so that can hinder things a bit.

I am presently on Met. 1000mg a day - let's see if it helps me to ovulate better than with just clomid alone. The two things I can think of that are the most bothersome with PCOS is not ovulating regularily enough (if at all) and now I've started to have some VERY MILD huritisum on my chin - thankfully I'm fair and being blonde it doesn't show to badly but I know that those pesky little hairs are there and I have to pluck.
Anyways, I can get pregnant with PCOS - it just takes awhile sometimes. My first DS was concieved after taking 3 rounds of 50mg clomid and 3 rounds of 100mg clomid. My second DS was conceived on the very first round of 50mg of Clomid. It's hard to say what will work for each person, sometimes the Met. is enough by itself.

My husband and I are trying for our 3rd, but my doc said that if I don't get pregnant this round he'll go ahead and up my dosage to 100mg of Clomid and give me shots too. (Before my period last month - that was induced by provera - I hadn't had one in 8 months and that one also had to be induced with provera - so he's thinking we may have to get a little extra forceful with my treatment.) Hopefully I got lucky - because I'm having a bunch of pregnancy related symptoms but we'll see what happens on Friday when AF is supposed to visit.

Good luck to you - sending you and everyone else with PCOS lots of baby dust - if you have any more questions about PCOS feel free to ask me!


rochellemartin - December 21

Thank you so much for the advice. i am goingt o talk to my doc about metforminand maybe clomid. he never said anything about ,me taking anything like that, i'm not sure wny i swear he wants me to be patient, i think i have been patient long enough. i am so thankful for you women that got pregnant with PCOS you are very blessed. i pray that someday i can say that about myself. I am waiting for some test to come back from yesturday, i'll keep you all posted. thanks again.



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