Trying to get pregnant can anyone help
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Zahida Parveen - June 14

I have two children from my first marriage. My youngest is 16 this August. I have been married to my second husband for 12 years and NOW he has agreed to give me a child.

I will be 40 next year in February 2006 and my husband will be 42 this October 2005.

My husband had Hepatitis C in1999. He all his tests done last month in May and they all were perfect even the doctor was surprised that my husband was quite healthy for his age.

I my self have regular periods and never have back pain or period pains. I sometime don’t even know that I am on my periods.

I don’t know if anyone can advise me in what I should do. I am trying to conceive after 17 years HELP HELP HELP…….
Sould I go to my family doctor? Maybe have some blood tests done to see if I am fit to have a baby. If anyone can advice me please email me [email protected]


Celeste - June 14

Im only 19, but my mother was in the same situation, she just turned 41, and she was trying to have child at around the age of 38, she tried for about 2 years, and then decided to see a doctor, because she was getting anywhere. Its harder for women in their later years to get pregnant and some women do become infertile at the age. My mother got told that she should go on fertilaid, and that might increase her chance of falling pregnant. You should be happy though that you have 2 beautiful children, and sometimes our bodies can only handle that. I just found out that im pregnant, after 10 months of trying, and my boyrfriend and I decided that we cant have this child, and that were to young. Anyways....Good luck hun...and im sure that you will be blessed!


Zahida - June 18

Hi Celeste thank you for your answer now I know I am not on my own. I have been to see the doctor and he had taken my blood for some blood tests. He also refered me to a Fertility Clinic. Wish you Good luck in the future. I am just so sorry that after trying to get pregnant for 10 months and you get pregnant AND NOW you can't keep the baby!!! Celeste as long as YOU are happy. Take care and GOOD LUCK


kc - June 18

first of all, I admire you for wanting to take on the challange of being a new mommy now that your children are now practically grown. I don't know if this will help but I do know for most women with normal cycles your most fertile days are days 11 to 16 based on a 28 day cycle. I suggest to you using an ovulating preditor kit for a few months to narrow down your most fertile days. Keep track of your fertile window (I use a pocket calendar) and mark the days you do the bd. The next time you see the doctor he will be able to see your pattern an this may help with the treatment he suggests. I hope this helps. Good luck to you.


Zahida - June 21

Hi everyone. I went to the doctors today my blood results were perfect. There are NO availabilty for the Fertility Clinic. What can I do in the mean time???



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