Trying to get pregnant by IVF and atkins is it safe?
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Debbie Ofei - October 29

I'm in the middle of IVF and It seems like I'm putting on so much weight. Can the atkins diet be safe for me.


isa - October 29

i just went through an ivf and cancelled on cd13. i gained no weight at all. I did over the year of iui's i gained 13-15 lbs overall but the ivf cycle i just did i gained none. Are you an OHSS candidate? What is in the atkins that would make you gain so much weight? My understanding is not to diet during fertility treatments. sorry i couldnt help more


JenG - October 30

No dieting while trying to get pregnant. Like Isa, I am doing IVF now... so not sure about the weight, but with my past 4 injection cycles... I gained 15 lbs as well. Really what is the point? If you end goal is to be pregnant..., 10-15 lbs extra is not going to break the bank. Loose it after the baby. The only thing I am doing is I am eating a little more protein and veges than I would normally do to promote follicle growth. Its definitely not atkins... Also, don't forget when you are in the throws of a cycle, you tend to add a few pounds of water weight... or just feel bloated. If you don't get pregnant, it will just go away after the cycle.


ginger6363 - October 30

I would suggest that you do NOT do atkins. The Atkins diet puts your body in ketosis and can really stess out your kidneys. You do not need this stress on your organs when you are ttc, esp. b/c if you get pregnant the baby will put it's own stress on your organs. Although I agree with Jen, you prob. should diet after you have the baby, if you are concerned about your weight, try a sensible eating plan diet like weight watchers.



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