Trying to get pregnant and frustrated!
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Carissa - August 18

I stopped taking the bc pill in November. My husband and I got married on Feb. 14th of this year. We've been trying to get pregnant since May. I found out about 2 years ago that I have a fibroid tumor that's 3.7cm. I've counted 14 days after the period and last month I tried a ovulation test. I've had my period like clockwork every month. I'm on my period now so obviously I'm not pregnant. I'm just wondering if anyone else that has a fibroid tumor has had trouble getting pregnant? Is there anything that can increase my chances in getting pregnant? Such as positions or anything? I know sex will increase my chances but anything else? Please i'm desperate.


Lindsey - August 18

Carissa, I really don't have any advice to give, but I wanted to say I know how you feel!! I've been ttc for 10 months and I'm gonna start Clomid this month. I hope it works for me and I wish you luck!!!



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