Trying to get pregnant after mirena removed
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Flowers - February 12


I had my mirena removed in November 06 and had my period on 31st December which lasted for about 6 days. We have been trying to conceive since and had sex on my most fertile days. I am now two weeks and one day late on my period but have had four negative tests. Im so confused if Im not pregnant where is my period?
Anyone else in the same boat or had this happen?



Michelle P - February 12

ME ME ME!!! I had my Mirena coil removed in February 2006, still no period. I did get pregnant somehow in August, (I just tested monthly as I was getting desperate) but had a miscarriage in October-still no period!!!. Just seeing specialist at the moment. Have you tried a test with your doctor surgery? These are the most accurate. Also have you tested first morning pee sample as the most pregnancy hormone would be here.Good luck-try not to get yourself too worked up as this can't be dust*****



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