trying to get pregnant after 10 years of having reversal
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mcdadebaby - July 5

Can anyone give me so insight on how I can get pregnant after having a tubal reversal. I am currently thinking about take Ovulex Fertility pills does anyone know if this will work for me.


lqtoo - July 5

Hi mcdadebaby, I also answered your question about a D&C. One thing that does seem to increase fertility that might be a good idea for you is an HSG. This is where they inject oil or water-based dye into your tubes to make sure that they are not blocked (a good idea anyway after a reversal). Not only does this help to wash out small blockages, but the oil-based dye tends to change the texture of your cervical mucous - making it easier for those little spermies to get to their goal. Good luck!


mcdadebaby - July 6

Just want to thank everyone for their answer.. .my new husband and i have been ttc for about 1 year now. i try to take Ouvlex but no luck. what else can i do to help us get pregnant, does anyone know of a good doc. in dallas, tx



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