Trying to get pregnant
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Tanya - October 8

Hi, my husband (Mark) and I have been ttc since Aug 03. I've always had very irregular periods but didn't think anything of it until just recently when it had been just over a year and nothing had happen. We went to see a specialist in Jan 05 and found out I have PCO. Mark was also tested and was given the all clear. The specialist then put me onto Clomiphene, 50mg on a 5 day cycle and its now Oct and still nothing has happened. I don't know what to do, I try eating healthy at least 5 days of the week and walk 30mins Monday-Friday but nothing. The specialist gave me basal charts and I've been noting done how long each cycle is and my cycles seem to get longer and longer each month which is driving me nuts as I can never tell when I'm ovulating, I just don't know what to do anymore. I've got a repeat for the clomiphene up til next Jan 06 and then our next option is AI but I don't want it to get to that but it looks like I may have no choice. I'm sorry to just get onto this page and talk away about it but I just needed to tell someone. Thank you for listening to me :)


me - October 9

If clomid is not working for you, you could try another med, such as Femara. You should also be put on Glucophage or Metformin for your PCOS to help you regulate your insulin levels and lose weight. Just letting you know there are other things you can do to help your situation. talk to your RE. Good luck!


Tanya - October 10

Hi me, thank you very much for your advice and for taking the time to read my story. I will consult my re. Thanks again! :)


Tobi - October 10

Is your dr doing sonos to see if you are making follicles? They should be. And they should be changing your meds! Time for a new dr.


Hi Tobi - October 11

I agree, my specialist isn't very nice and speaks so fast that I've got to re-question her most of the time, I've never really liked her from the start. She was checking my progress for the first few months and I was ovulating but then she said that I didn't need to see her anymore and that my next option would be AI and that was it. At the moment I'm assuming I'm ovulating as I'm bleeding each month but then I heard that you can bleed but not ovulate so I don't know, but I should've changed docs from the start. Nevermind. Thanks Tobi for your response :)


Tanya - November 4

I was in a bit of a situation recently where I had been bleeding for 16 days and started to get really worried so in the end I had to ring my specialist and find out what was going on inside so I had a blood test done and all my hormones were very low and then my bleeding stopped and I wasn't pregnant. I'd also taken the 10th round of Clomid and was told to stop taking them as it wasn't helping me and I've now gotta go back to the specialist in Jan 06 and talk about other methods so we'll see how something else goes in the new year. Good Luck to everyone! :)



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