trying to get pregnant
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mkm - November 13

I am trying to get pregnant since 16 mths, but havent been successful. Doctors have conducted all the tests for my husband and myself. Everything seems to be alright except that I am 1 or 2 days off my cycle. So, I am asked to take a prometrium 100 mg capsule sol once a day after 16 day of the cycle until i get my period. I am really getting impatient now and desperate to get pregnant. I get really upset with minor things and dont feel like doing anything. Things does seem to be working well. I am also putting on weight as i do not exercise after my 14-15 day as i feel that i may be pregnant. Can somebody please help me or advice me in this matter


cdmrose - November 13

Hi mkm, I'm on 100mg Prometrium too, and it sounds like we're taking it at the same times in our cycles. I can tell you that the Prometrium gives me side effects within a week of when I start taking it. This was only my 2nd month, but so far my side effects include abdominal pain, cramping, sore breasts, dizziness, severe mood swings (depression, short temper), and, lately, nausea. Unfortunately these are all symptoms of both PMS and pregnancy as well. Every woman's body is different though. If you can continue to exercise (non-strenuously) I don't think it will hurt things if you are pregnant - it may even help some of your symptoms. If you feel that you are reacting too strongly to the Prometrium, think you might be pregnant, or you're not getting your period when you should, you should talk to your doctor right away. Best of luck to you - I hope you conceive soon, if you're not pregnant already!



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