trying to get pregnant
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geanna212 - July 30

Hi everybody. I'm new here. I have a question. I am currently trying to get pregnant after two miscarriages. My OB has given me a prescription for fertility pills, however my question is....if you are trying to get pregnant, is it safe to use the jacuzi or sauna?
thanks for any responses.


cmelissa - July 30

Hey there, for guys definitely not b/c it can kill the sperm if too hot. For women i wouldn't go in too long but just make sure its not too hot. Hope that helps!!


Tracy88 - July 30

It's my understanding that it is safe to go in the jacuzzi or sauna up until the two week wait. After you ovulate, you probably should avoid it so that your body temp stays optimal for everything to occur as it should. What I learned about body temp also, is that it is very important to sweat if you are hot, and I have even met aerobics instructors who carry a thermometer with them to make sure they aren't overheating while pregnant and exercising. Hope this helps!



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