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Keeran - February 22

Helo there! I am 31 years old and married for 5 months now. We have been trying to get pregnant since then. At first I was not too sure about my ovulation time so I kept record of my cyles. I have the longest cycle of 31 days and the shortest was 26 days.
So with all the calculation, I should ovulate on the 8th day and I have used an OPK but it was negative. BBT was also normal. I am worried that I dont ovulate at all!
I am also worried cause I am also a moderate smoker. Please help me!!


SashaP - February 22

You might be testing to early my cycles range from 26-28 more around 28 right now. I don't O until cd11 and my dr considers that early alot of people don't O until cd14 so don't give up yet. You just might not be there yet. Keep using both methods bbt is a good way to confirm O. Plus you might want to switch brands of opk's some of them don't work very well. Good luck.


Kathy - February 22

Have you talked to your ob/gyn? I wish I went sooner. I am 33 and waited over 3 years just to find out I don't always ovulate. I feel I wasted a lot of time. Goodluck Keeran.


Nin - February 22

Kathy, I too waited like for 2 years before i saw dr. I am 34 now. it's almost 1-1/2 years since we first consulted a dr. in this process i had 4 IUIs and one IVF. Now I am on my 5th IUI. I think this is my last. But don't know what to do after this.


Kathy - February 22

Nin, wow. I am only on my 4th month of clomid. i finally ovulated with 100mg. So now I am waiting to see if AF comes. Have you tried accupuncture? I know someone it worked for. What does your fertility specialist suggest? Maybe if you take a break for a month or two. Have you tried that? What was you fertility issue?


Nin - February 22

Kathy i don't have any particular reason. before ivf my response to injections was also bad. according to my RE my response at 34 is like someone who is 38-39 year old.. i haven't tried accupuncture and know nothing about it. if you know something lemme know. i had one 2 months break before IVF and 1 month after IVF. Frankly i am tired of all this stuff. anyways today i don't want to be in depressed mood as i am about to see my dr for my 5th IUI. i did not want to depres you, but jsut wanted keeran to take action soon and not wait like we did. now i feel it funny but initial 1 year we were taking pills to avoid pregnancy..... and now my DH literally eats 15-20 tablets a day.... i take a lot of injections. sometimes feel like i have become a pin cushion.


Nin - February 22

Sorry if i sounded depressing. i didn't mean it but just wanted to take out my frustration. in spite of i going for the IUI today i am very depressed today.


Kathy - February 22

Nin, I completely understand why you feel like you feel. Sometimes I feel like a failure as a woman. I never wanted children until I met my husband. We dated for 6.5 years before we got married. I sometimes feel we wasted a lot of time. I was also working at a very stressful job for 2.5 years. Last summer I quit and now only work 20 hours. So I think that has helped a little. I am definately not stressed about work anymore. There is a special kind of acupuncture for fertility. Look up in your area for acupuncture and then look for a specialized one. Make sure they are licensed and experienced. If Clomid doesn't work for me, I am going to try that before going forward. If you ever want to vent feel free to email me, [email protected]. What is your DH taking? Vitamins?


Kathy - February 23

Nin, I was thinking about you and want to know how you are doing? How did your dr's appt go?


Nin - February 28

Kathy. Sorry quiet a while since I wrote here. I really had to search for this thread now. Anywz, I had my IUI on 23rd & 24th. Now I am on my 2WW. What about you?


Kathy - February 28

Well I haven't gotten that far yet. I finished my 4th round of clomid this month. So now I am waiting for AF on 3/4/06. I think I will have to go to round 5. I bought preseed so maybe that will help next time. How are you doing? As everyone here says, "Lots of Babydust"! Have you needed anything like preseed?


Kathy - February 28




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