Trying to get pregnant
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Betsy28 - December 7

I'm 28 and my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I'm worried that I will have problems conceiving for a couple reasons. First, I'm thin - 5'3 and 104 lbs. I've heard that being thin can effect getting pregnant. Additionally, I'm on Klonapin for anxiety and Effexor for depression. However, I have a regular period which comes on time and lasts approx 5 days. Any advice? Is it possible that the points I noted could make getting pregnant harder for me?


to betsy28 - December 7

Thin or Fat dosen't matter. What matters is if u r healthy or not. i know many women who were very very thin & got pregnant on their first try. putting on weight is simple but loosing weight is difficult & i am currently dealing with that. so keep all the -ve thoughts off ur head & don't just concentrate on this thing. if u think only about conceiving u'll be nervous & u r right now & reduce ur chances of conception. All the Best to u & Lots of Baby Dust!


to betsy28 - December 7

i meant " u'll be nervous as u r right now".


Betsy28 - December 7

I AM nervous! We've been trying for 3 months now and I feel like it's NEVER going to happen! I know thats a bit silly, but obviously it's just the excitement and anxiety of hoping to get pregnant.. Any tips on getting pregnant sooner? Does taking pre-natal vitamins help at all? I hear so many things and don't know what to believe or not. Thanks for answering!


to betsy28 - December 7

hey betsy don't be upset. i am trying for 7 months & i even had a miscarriage this year. plz. don't take prenatal vitamin before conceiving instead u can take folic acid. pre natal vitamins have their effect on lever if taken b4 pregnancy. this is what my doctor as my urine culture reports were not in normal range. have u tried ovulation kits? it has helped many women to know the exact time of ovulation but it hasn't helped me. i tried it for 3 months & then stopped using it as they are expensive & i can't afford to spend 30 bucks on these tests. u can give it a try. all the best!


Med Student - December 7

I don't think it matters how much you weigh, and your doc should be able to answer any questions about your meds, although usually if they aren't dangerous to pregnancy they won't have any effect on conception. I am much in the same boat, however. Hubby and I are trying to conceive #2 and not having as easy a time as we did with the first. Am feeling a bit discouraged, even though I know how normal that is. In fact, given how right the conditions must be for conception to occur I am occasionally amazed that it happens at all. I hope we all manage to get there, though. Any words of encouragement would be great, as it is finals time, and I'm feeling a bit low. Thanks ladies!


Lori - December 7

I am overweight and think that is why i am having a hard time having a baby.I have been ttc for 7 months now with still no luck.



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