Trying to get pregnant
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angel 21 - November 30

I had a hsg test done yesterday and everything is fine, both tubes are clear. The dr. said i should get pregnant now. Has anyone ever got pregnant after this test? I don't want to get my hopes high.


me - November 30

I had my HSG done on Oct 27th and got pregnant the same cycle. I am now almost 6 weeks pregnant. Having said that, an HSG does not guarantee you conception or ovulation for that matter. There are other things that could be the issue. In my case, I got all my blood tests done too so I knew that the only thing wrong with me was I was not ovulating due to my PCOS. My hubby had a sperm analysis done and was fine also. I guess the HSG cleaned me out and and my body just so happened to release an egg this cycle (according to my bbt charts, I have not been ovulating regularly.) If everything else is normal on your part and your hubbys part, than the HSG could definitely help make it easier for the egg to get to where it needs to be fertilized. I also heard that a lot of women get pregnant the second month after the HSG, so don't beat yourself up if it doesn't happen the same cycle. Hope that helped! Good luck!


silonee - December 6

hi i am a new member and have just started posting msg. I had a hsg done some time back. The doc found out that i was not ovulating and prescribed medicine. Immediately the next month I conceived. Unfortunatley after going thru all the nine months with so much of morning sickness we lost our baby in Feb 2005 just 1 day before she could be born. It was medical negligence but hey dont loose hope you might get pregnant this time. We are still trying but no luck as yet.


bump - December 6




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