Trying to get pregnant
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Stephanie - October 11

I'm 24 and trying to get pregnant. My period normally comes the 20-25th of each month. This month it came on the 9th. Is getting your period too early a sign of being pregnant? Im confused.


nina - October 21

the same exact thing happened to me let me know what happens


T - October 21

Your cycle can vary from time to time. How can your period be a sign of pregnancy? Is a full flow or light?


ashley - October 21

i try to get pregnantand we withto have ababy vary bad but we have sex eveyday just to get pregnantand it not work os hlep us plaeseostell uswith to do


Tumby - October 21

Hi Ashley, there is a method of timing called Sperm Meets Egg Plan or SMEP. After your period stops, have sex once every other day until you ovulate. Use an ovulation predictor kit to test for sure when you will ovulate. Once your test says you will be ovulating start having sex everyday for the next 3 days straight. Then take a break one day and have sex again. Hope this helps.


nina - October 21

Shit i am just going to start having sex every single day.



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