trying to get pregnant
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sathya - September 15

almost 4 year is going to be over iam not able to get pregnant now iam going to the doctor but iam restless everyday especially before i get my periods how will i find out that i am pregnant before i get my next period


yes... - September 15

yes Sathya, if you have been trying for four years - you should definitely go the doctor. There may be a problem that needs to be diagnosed and addressed, or it might just be a case of better timing. But please go to your doctor to discuss.


me - September 15

Just an FYI for you rladies, if you are temping and do not see a change in your temps over 3-6 months, you can go to the doctor with your charts and begin testing to see why you are not ovulating. You don't have to wait the recommended 1 yr if your under 30 and 6 months over 30. I have been trying for 8 months, starting temping for 3 or 4 and then realized I wasn't ovulating. I went to the dr and she recommended that I go to a specialist. As long as you have proof for your dr that something is wrong, they will start testing you right away. I would not wait for years until you reach that breaking point. Sathya, I would go to a specialist pronto :) Good luck!



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