Trying to get pregnant
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Roma - March 8

I have started trying for pregnancy for the past 3 months and my cycle has always been regular. Now the first month that we tried I got my AF on time but the bleeding was heavier than usual . Next month I tried again and I got my periods after 3 weeks only. The bleeding was normail. I went to my doctor she said all hormonal changes are taking place, nothing to worry about. Now this month I am delayed my periods and i took an HPT got negative and blood test is also negative, still havent got my periods. Is this something serious. I am trying fro baby first time. I am worried. Can anyone who has been through same situation please answer.


Lindsey - March 9

Roma, I've also been trying..4 months for me and my period used to be regular on the pill. I'm now off the pill and my periods are 7-14 days late each month. I wonder if I'm ovulating, but I must be if my period is still coming. I was supposed to start today and I'll be playing the waiting game for about a week, I'm sure! If your tests were negative, your period will probably come pretty soon. Good luck to you!



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