Trying to get pregnant
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Tara - March 7

How long after I stop taking "the pill" will I be able to conceive?


claire - March 8

Hi. I've heard that you're at your most fertile for the months after coming of the pill. However, other people say it's best for your body to get used to have normal periods etc. I asked my doctor and he said as long as you have sex at the right time and don't use protection then that's your most fertile time!! This is my fifth month of trying so I'd say just get going and make that baby!! Good luck to you.


Lynn - March 8

I went off the pill in March 2004 after being on it for 10 years. We've been trying to conceive since Jan 2005 now. Had I know that it would be this hard to get pg, I would have started as soon as I went off the pill! Start trying now if you really want a baby.


rb - March 10

hi tara - i went of the pill at the beginning of January and am now 9 weeks pregnant - i checked and apparently doctors suggest waiting until your body gets back to normal, but it's not harmful if you do get pregnant right away,.. best of luck!


Cutie - March 10

Yeah, I had the same question. Tara, how long have you taken Birth Control Pill? I have to take mine for 3 month to get my periods back on track, but I am also going to have thyroid blood check and also pelvic ultrasound. I am only 21 and I am so eager to have a baby.... Its just driving me crazy....


mrsbrissel - March 11

I am in the same boat. I got off the pill about a month ago and am trying so hard to get pregnant. I'm hoping it happens soon!! Everyone please pray for me!


to all posts - March 11

2 months is hardly a long time to try..remember, you only have a 25% chance of conceiving on any given cycle even if everything is right! Have's not over for you yet!



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