trying to get preg......
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emaan - November 14

Hi girls hope i get some answer from you all.i am 27 with history of high trying for baby with my parlodil i am taking folic acid....i am thinking of changing my med parlodil into dostinex ...let seewhat happens my periods now normal for a year now but 2 months ago my prolactin level was 90...i am also using evening primrose you think i should stop if i am trying for the baby. give me your suggestions please


linds99 - November 14

I know that increased prolactin levels can interfere with the release of an egg and development. Have you been checked via MRI for a pituitary tumor...that is normal protocol for elevated prolactin as well. Some women with PCOS also have hyperprolactinemia. Have you been checked for PCOS?


emaan - November 15

thanks mri was clear this was done long time ago when my problem was discovered first time and i was as high as 275 scary....i have also checked PCOS the results will come next week so lets med parlodil giving me sideffects like blackout and nausea so i will ask doc to give me dostinex .



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