Trying to get pg with Ovulex
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Janice - March 6

I have had a hard time getting my babies! I first of all had a miscarriage then fell pg with my DS. When he was 6 mnths I fell pg again and had an ectopic pregnancy. Had 3 shots of IVF each of which I fell preg but miscarried. I desperately would love another child so I have purchased Ovulex which I saw on a website. I have since read conflicting views about Ovulex but wondered if anyone out there has tried it and if so, have they fallen pregnant with it? My DH is against me using it but I feel that if it is going to give us a good change of a pregnancy, then I'm willing to do almost anything to get it. Would appreciate any replies. Thanks.


angel_azn - March 6

i am still waiting for my ovulex but it's been almost two months and no ovulex...if you do get pregnant then let me know...or if you even get yours because i am still wondering if i am going to get mine .... plz email me at [email protected] thanks...


yvette05162000 - March 7

I tried Ovulex. I did not use it consistently. I started it when my cycle started, but I only took it for the 2 - 2 1/2 weeks b4 Ovulation. At the same time, I went to the Chiropractor for some issues I was having with my back. She mentioned that a mis-aligned spine could contribute to infertility (I didn't even ask her about it, it just came up in conversation). If you Google "Chiropractic and Infertility", you will see that there are studies that show women who were receiving Chiropractic care became pregnant after bouts with infertility. So, bottom line...I just had a positive pregnancy test! However, I'm not sure if it was the Ovulex or the Chiropractic care, but I'm sure God led me in both directions and now I'm pregnant after trying for 8 months with no results. I don't know where you are spiritually, but God is ABLE and He wants you to lean on Him. Pray sincerely for what you want and BELIEVE in Him and He will lead you in the direction that is best for you. Peace and Blessings to you!



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