trying to get conceive under 25
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Erica C - June 1

i was first on the birth control patch from august '05 until march '06 then from march until now ive been on the pill . im going to stop taking the pills once this cycle is over . is it easier if you're under 25 or does it just depend on how your body functions after you stop taking them? i need some tips on conceiving


soimpatient - June 1

Well, I am 24 and I got off the pill in Sept. '05 and have not had any luck. It turns out I do not ovulate. I am starting my first round of clomid (fertility drug). "They" say it is easier if you are under 35 but that does not mean that you are guaranteed to have an easy time. It has been a long heartbreaking 9 months of TTC and I'm praying that the drugs will help. I also pray that you do not have such a struggle to get your bundle of joy.


crystal74 - June 1

i hear it's easier if your under 25 due to the quality of the eggs. the younger the better. i am 22 and got off birth control march/05 and still have not gotten pregnant. so i geuss it just depends on your body. set up an appt. with your gyn and let her know you going to try to get pregnant. she will give you everything you need from advice and such. good luck



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