Trying to gat an average..How long did it take you on Clomid
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Heather - July 2

Hello Ladies, I'm about to start my 3rd cycle of Clomid and I was wondering how long did it take others to conceive on Clomid. This is just out of curiosity. Thanks to those who reply. BABY DUST TO US ALL TTC.


Heather - July 3

I know there are thousands of ladies on this forum who are on clomid.....can someone please tell me how long they are or were on Clomid..


Kelly - July 3

Hello Heather, I am on my third cycle of cloimid, but I did not ovulate on the first. I have read that the second round is usually the one, but can take up to four. Then you could be referred to a specialist. Anyway, I found this website and it has been helpful in answering my clomid questions. It is called clomid club. Hope this helps out and maybe this will be our lucky month!


Lena - July 3

Hi Heather, I'm on my fourth clomid cycle and working with a specialist. I'll know next Friday if this cycle worked. One thing to consider is that once someone becomes pregnant, they might not frequent this forum often. The average you get might be higher than an actual average.


Mythili - July 4

I got pregnant with my first cycle on Clomid. I am now 21 weeks pregnant.


Heather - July 5

Thanks ladies, congrats Mythili!! I'm about to start my 3rd cycle, I pray that it works this time. I'm getting so bummed out! Last month I thought we had done it (conceived) went to the Dr's for a blood test and it was negative, I was so upset. I pray for all of you, please pray for me too!!



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