Trying to concieve after miscarraige
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Sam How - December 16

Has anybody had problems trying to concieve after a miscarraige, I had a miscarraige in feb, been trying since march with no joy, Is this normal, everybody I know that has had a miscarraige got pregnant a couple of months later, Any advice would be great!


newmommy - December 16

I'm sorry for your loss. I had a m/c in March, and still have not gotten pregnant again. They say it could take up to a year. I hate the wait! I'd ask your Dr. if you don't get your angel soon. Good luck!


Shiner081 - December 17

Hi,I just miscarried on October 6/06 and have been trying to get pregnant the last 2 months.I have had 2 periods since that time and have been trying .I started using ovulaton test to determin the time of ovulation and to try to have intercoarse on my fertile time but no success.But my period still are so irregular yet.I feel when I am ovulating and get the mucus also so now we are thinking something may be wrong with my husband has been complaining of lower stomach pains 4 the past 2 months so he is currently taking medication 4 the possibility of infection ,so the doctor figures.I was thinking maybe this has affected his sperm count.But then again it is still early ,We currently have 3 children and want a forth so badly .My youngest is 20 months and with the one I just miscarried,we got pregnant first crack and I had no problems conceiving the others and problem free pregnancy for that matter will hopefully happen that we all get our litte bundles soon.Baby Dust to all**********



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