Trying to Conceive Poem (from me to you all)
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Chi-Girl - November 2

Will this be the month that the trying ends?

The time when I have good news to tell my friends?

Ovulation signs, charting, and a good temperature reading.

If Aunt Flow comes, this time I swear she’ll leave bleeding.

I’m having what I think are symptoms or signs

Hoping and praying to finally see two lines.

Everywhere I look there is a bump growing!

Yet, I face another two weeks of not knowing.

The only reason I sleep at night is to dream…

To dream that my precious bundle has finally came.

Pink or blue, it doesn’t even matter.

I don’t even care that I’ll get even fatter.

Stretch mark? Morning sickness? Bring it on!

That can be cured by a day at the salon.

No one knows that I already have names selected,

or that in my closet tiny clothes are collected.

Some people are conceiving more than their portion

and have the nerves to ask my advice about abortion.

No one will ever know how blessed they are

until they walk in my shoes and feel my scar.

Every month I say, “This is crazy! I can’t do this any more.”

Every single month I feel my heart crash to the floor,

but then in my mind flashes a little face that I already adore.

And I say “Baby, I’ll keep trying, you are what I live for.”


***Sorry that this didn't come out in poem format (as I wrote it in), I hope that you were able to enjoy it just the same.****


gls - November 2

wow that gave me the shivers, loved it!


Mega - November 2

So true! That's beautiful Chi-Girl! Thank you for sharing that. Poetry is such a GREAT outlet for all these emotions.


ginger6363 - November 2

That was impressive, Chi-Girl. Thanks for sharing. We can definitely relate. :)


linds99 - November 2

Totally true, totally honest.


nino3 - November 2

Wow, this almost made me cry. Its beautifu. This is exactly how i feel month after month after month....Baby dust to all.


tanner789 - November 3

great poem loved it couldnt describe how i was feeling any better ai'm glad i'm not alone.


Chi-Girl - November 3

I'm glad that you all liked it. I wrote to release all of the things I have within and cannot let out. No one in my family knows about me charting, bbt, fertility monitor, etc... they would see it as weird... so this (and other forums) are my only outlets.


cspears99 - November 3

Oh brought tears to my eyes!!! It's so nice to know so many other people share your feelings and thoughts good luck to everyone!!!


slowpoke01 - November 5

this was a relaly great poem that i am sure everyone that has had a hard time conceiving will enjoy. it gets hard every month not seeing those 2 lines but we all keep going . this poem really captures that


MsMonet - November 5

Bravo to you, Chi-Girl! I like... I like...


cmelissa - November 5

Chi-girl - i loved that poem and can relate so well to it!!


Galina - November 5

Chi-Girl, thank you! The poem is so true and so touching.


Chi-Girl - November 11

Because I wrote that poem I thought I would share this with you all. It turns out this was the month! After four BFP home pregnancy tests and a blood test I can finally utter the words I thought my heart wouldn’t beat long enough to hear, “I am pregnant.” I am pregnant! Thank the Lord… He heard my prayers and was merciful to dh and I. You all are still in my prayers and I hope that I will return to see a lot of BFP's here.


Beija Rene - November 11

Chi-Girl - Considering the fact that along with the poem you got pregnant, you should call the baby Poem since he/she will be your best poetic creation and justice. Just a thought. Congratulations and good luck!!!!!! Lots of sticky baby dust for you (*)


gls - November 12

chi-girl ~ that is soooo awesome! I am so very happy for you. I really hope that you have a great a succesful pregnancy. Good Luck! You'll have to send some of that baby dust my way, if you could my dh and I will be starting my 2ww tomorrow so wish us luck. Hopfully it will work this time, like it did for you. I'm on cd22 today and my monitor said that I "o"d yesterday and then it said today was fertile too! I was so shock when I saw that yesterday on the monitor, I thought I just didn't o this month. So here's to us! (hopefully I will join you). lot's of baby dust to us all!!



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