Trying to conceive after the pill
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S.G - June 8

Does it take as long to conceive after you stop taking the pill as when one stops taking the shot? If no, why not


Chrissy - June 8

My doctor said it took take up to a full year to conceive after getting off of the pill and it could take a full 2 yrs for the shot.


Jeni - June 8

I was on the Pill for almost 7 years and I went off of it in October of 2004 and was Pregnant by December of 2004- I think it all depends on your body


viv - June 8

the pill only stays in your system for 24 hours, but it can get your system out of wack when you go off it. My friend went off the pill and the very first month off got pg...she miscarried at 6 weeks, but 8 weeks later found out she was pg again, 6 weeks along. She's now 10 wks 5 days and everything is perfect.


stacey - June 8

I am a little like Jeni and viv's stories..I went off the pill at the end of Oct, was pregnant in Dec. but miscarried in Jan (8 weeks). I have since heard that it is not a good thing to get pregnant right away b/c there are more stories of miscarriages that way.



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