Trying to conceive after a miscarriage!
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Shiner081 - November 29

Hi,this is my first time posting and I need your help.I started to bleed on Oct.3/06No cramping.I went in on Oct.6/06 for a ultra-sound and it showed an empty sack.I was was 9 weeks 4 days but it showed I was about 5 weeks so the same day I had a D&C.23 days later I got my period on Oct 29 a Sunday.( My cycle has always been 28 days).I decided to try using those ovulation test,so after this period I starting using them.I got a positive result on Sunday Nov 12th and Monday 13th and a negative on Tuesday 14th.We had intercoarse on Friday the 10,11,12 and 13th so according to the test I was fertile Sunday and Monday and should of ovulated Tuesday the 14th.We should of had our days covered.So now on Nov 24 I get my period again,this time at 26 days.According to the ovulation test,you should always ovulate 14 days before next period.So if you go back 14 days back from Nov. 24 that would show I should of ovulated on the 10th,and been fertile the 8 and 9th but I did not get positve results on the tests on those days but a few days later ,unlike the results I got on the ovulation test (12&13th).I am confused because these test are suppose to be really accurate.We should have had our days covered.I am desperate to get pregnant again even though we have 3 other children.These pregnacies were problem free but now we miscarry our 4th.???Can anyone help me or give me advice or been in the same situation.We are going to try next week again to conceive without using the tests so hopefully we hit the right time.


tk07 - November 29

Hi Shiner, one thing i can tell you from experience is that your cycle doesn't necessarily go back the way it was before a m/c. my cycle changed dramatically and it gradually got worse and i am now on clomid. not saying that will happen to you of course! i have seen a lot of people have a m/c and be pregnant quickly again and have a great pregnancy. are you for sure emotionally ready to try right now? i thought i was that first month, i told myself i am going to get right back in there and it will happen right away again! but then when my period came i just fell apart. but i felt better about it each month after.
now it seems as though you are wondering about your second phase being shorter? well it doesn't have to be 14 days, it can be as short as 10 days and still be a good cycle. and being that it is only your first full cycle i wouldn't worry at all, wait and see what this next cycle does. have you ever tried bbt charting? i think it is great and it tells you what day exactly you O on.
good luck to you!


Shiner081 - November 30

Thanks tk07,I real think I am ready but yes probably getting excited to early.I guess I think it should just happen right away.I just have to give myself time and quit stesses over it,it will happen when the time is right.ThankYou 4 caring.


newmommy - November 30

Shiner, I know what you are going through. I had a m/c and D&C in March, and have had some crazy cycles since then. I got my first AF 6 weeks after D&C. Then, I didn't get another one, and finally had to take provera to induce one. That cycle was 11 weeks! Then I had 2 normal ones (38-42 days), and I'm having another crazy one now--I'm on cd59, and am starting provera again tonight. tk07 is right---there is no "textbook" time that you ovulate, and anywhere from 10-14 days is an adequate luteal phase. I'm sure you probably ovulated when the opk's detected it. I've also learned that m/c can happen at any time, either your 1st or 4th or whatever. It's nature's way of ending a pregnancy that probably had serious problems. It does get better, and you'll probably always think about that baby. I know the feeling of wanting to get pregnant right away. I was sure I would be pregnant again already. I'm starting to basal temp chart this month, and still use the opk's and pay attention to cm. Best of luck---we'll get there.


tk07 - November 30

it's hard not to stress over it! i sure do know that. i expected it to happen right away for me too since i got pregnant my first try i thought it would be easy to get pregnant again, no way! but i am on my 2nd month of clomid and hoping it helps. you will be ok though and it will happen for you! :)


Shiner081 - December 1

Thanks girls,I am going to try to do the bbt charting if I do not get pregnant this time around.We will see what next weeks brings around as I just finished my period.It is also tough when my husband is gone monday through friday driving truck.I guess i will catch him monday morning before he leaves and he asked the boss to get home tueday nite for personal reasons,so I will catch him wed. morning again incase I ovulate next week and he will be home friday again so really if i am ovulating next week the only we will not be able to have intercoarse is thursday.(my period started on nov.24) so hopefully hit it next week.Babydust to all !********I know girls., I'm obsessed and got thing all mapped out,thats just me,lol.


montie75 - December 1

Hello ladies!! I had a m/c in August. It was my 4th consecutive cycle with clomid, ovidril and IUI. November was our first month back in the game of trying. My RE change my meds over to Femara, ovidril shot and IUI. Today I am 13dpo and afraid to test. I don't feel hopeful that I am pregnant. I too thought it would be easy this round since I had a m/c a few months back. I am coming to the reality that it is not. Good luck ladies!! Baby dust to all.............



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