Trying to conceive after a DNC
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ccmorley - January 9

I went into labour at 19 weeks and had a DNC. This was in July and we have been trying to concieve since August. My menstrual cycle used to be 28 days, but for the past few months it's been 30 days, this one is now at 31 days. Has anyone else had problems conceiving after a DNC?


ronee - January 10

I had a D&C in September after having a missed miscarriage at 19 weeks. I started my period again in October. We didnt start trying again until last month but we were unsuccessful. I thought I was pregnant(hoped) but my period came 5 days early, on Dec 17 to be exact. Im not sure why?? We tried again at the end of the month/beg. of Jan. and now I am waiting to find out if it worked this time. When I got pregnant last time it was on the first try, but not now. I think our cycles are just getting back on track, thats all. Good Luck with everything, let me know how it goes!!!!


ccmorley - January 11

Well, I'm on day 34 of my cycle & have yet to get my period. I've had some very slight spotting, no cramping, some slight tummy tingles. Took a test last Saturday & on Monday, both negative. I'll try another tomorrow if nothing tonight but I've never missed a period before. Maybe this is it, but last time my boobs were sore and nothing now. Since the D&C my period was early once by a couple of days, but otherwise averging 29 days since.


ccmorley - January 12

Well, low and behold, it finally came. Aunt Flo that is. Well, I hope this cycle is lucky and we conceive.
Good luck to you as well!! Hopefully we'll both have good news next month!


JenG - January 12

Hi ccmorley, I too had a DNC after a missed miscarriage at 16wks and then experience no success. My DNC was in July and now I am working with a RE. Very fustrating when you just want to move on... and get pregnant again. Good Luck!



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