Trying to conceive 13 months on after 2 M/C's
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wlm - July 17

We first fell pregnant in May 05 after trying for 3 months. I M/C in Aug 04, the baby had no heartbeat and had died at 10 weeks but we didnt find out until my scan at 13 weeks. We then took 10 months to conceive again and i fell in June 05, I M/C at 5 weeks. We are now going on to our 14th month and nothing has happened at all. My DH found a epydidymis cyst in his right testicle in January 06 which is quite big, we were told by the specialist that to remove it would be like giving that tesicle a vasectomy so we would then be down to one working testicle. He advised us to leave it as it is not causing any pain although our GP thought maybe this could interfere with the fertility. I have had some basic tests done (blood tests for hormones etc... had my ovaries and womb checked) and everything has come back normal. DH did a Fertiltiy Score male fertility test which showed up fine, he hasn't been to the GP yet to have a test done fully but we thought we would try this first. I am 32 and DH is 40. Sorry about the long thread I am just hoping maybe someone out ther know's a bit more or has or is going through the same thing??? This is turning out to be such a long journey which I am hoping will be worth it one day when we finally get to hold our baby in our arms!! Good Luck to everyone out there trying to conceive!! XX


wlm - July 17

Sorry that was we 1st conceived in May 04.



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