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brandi - March 10

I had m/c 5 months now ttc.My period was 2/21/04 I took an ovulation test 7,8,9 said i was ovulating.Are those test accurate?Has any one took them before?


Lynn - March 10

The test said you were ovulating ALL of those days? The tests are meant to detect the LH surge in your urine wchich happens about 8 hours AFTER it actually surges in your bloodstream. Usually, the surge is fairly short & you will only have 1 day of positive opk test. Are you sure you are reading it correctly? If the test line appears, but is lighter than the control line, you are not ovulating. It is not like a pg test, you will most likely always see 2 lines with a opk. It is when the test line is darker or the same color as the other line that you are ovulating..



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