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Elisabeth - March 14

I had been on the pill for 5 years until this past August when my husband and I decided to try to have children. At first we weren't concerned about ovulating and things like that, we were just enjoying each other. Recently, we have been talking more and more and both really want a baby. My periods have been very irregular since I've been off the pill. So, I was wondering, does taking your temperature everyday help you tell when you're ovulating? Could my 5 years on the pill some how have hurt my body? Please respond if you have any info that could help.


Katt - March 14

I hear that taking a basal temp every day is extremely helpful since at ovulation our body is supposed to be a perfect 98.6 and if pregnant that temp should rise. As far as BC goes, it can cause estrogen dominance. My doc made it a point to praise my inconsistancy on the pill. But as it turns out I am estrogen dominate anyway. BC is just not good in long duration. Some tests to consider with irregular periods are TSH and a FHP (female hormone panel) - I have done the FHP, it gives a nice picture of what your hormones are doing throughout the entire 28day cycle. A blood test CANNOT tell you this! It would be a great discussion tool for you and your physician. You can buy a test at that link above. The lab that tests will accept a prepayment of like $135.00 (I think) or you can bill your insurance... check with the insurance first to be sure either the lab is a provider or the test is covered because this lab will bill your insurance over $300 and you don't wanna get stuck with that bill. Oh and don't say the word "infertility" to your insurance when describing the test, some insurance companies will flag your file. Hope I helped.


Lynsey - March 14

Hi i no exactly what your talking about me and my partner are in the same boat. i stopped taking the pill last june and my periods are now so irreguar. Thinking of geting an ovulation kiy which im hoping may help.


Elisabeth - March 15

Thanks a lot for all the advice. It's just so frustrating. These tips will hopefully help! :)


SashaP - March 15

If you want to do your bbt go to it has online charting. As far as your temp goes everyone is different and not many people are 98.6. I usually start off in the 96-97 degree area. You want to take it every morning at the same time before you get out of bed you should have a dip in your temp midcycle that means you O'd. Then your temp will rise after that for the rest of the cycle and that will help confirm O. You could also try opk's they are very helpful. Good luck.


June - March 15

Being on the pill for 5 years or 1 year or 6 months makes no difference to your body. What usually happens is that your body needs time to start readjusting and ovualting on its own. Usually takes 3-4 months after getting off the pill. BBT would help in your case because your irregular and hopefully your cycle will get back on track. Good luck



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