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Vicki - March 13

Hi, I am 25 yrs. old and my husband is 30 yrs. old and we have been married one year now and we are trying to concieve. We have only been trying for the last 10 months, but I am getting very impatient. We did a home sperm count test on my husband and it says he has a high count. My cycles are always on time and I always know and "feel" when I am ovulating and yet I am still not pregnant. We have tried having sex everyday and every other day and nothing is working, plus other tips I have read. Is something wrong? I am wondering when or if I should see a doctor??? Thank you for any advice.


Pinky - March 13

I think you better see your doctor now. you did long time on your own. You need to do sperm count in the lab because at the home you can only see sperm count but not the quality, morphology, movements, etc...


Ann - March 13

Vicki, have you been using ovulation predictor kits at home to see they say you are ovulating? If not, I would try that. I agree with Pinky that you should see a dr. FYI, they usually want you to have tried for a year at your age, so you might want to round to a year instead of saying 10 months.


Vicki - March 14

Thank you both for the advice. I will try to wait a couple more months and then see a doctor. There are a couple of things I havent tried yet like consistantly doing to ovulation kits. THANKSS!!!!


Mega - March 14

Even if you don't go to a dr for testing for you yet, I agree with Pinky about getting your DH's sperm tested in a lab. The at home test said my DH has a high enough sperm count. And it was right, his is extremely high in fact, but he only has 5% morphology (very low). And the at home tests just don't give you enough info to go on. In the meantime though, good luck with the Ovulation kits.


bethpi - March 14

try a fertility monitor...they are terrific..they will tell you exactly when you are ovulating etc....worked 2 times for me!


June - March 14

I agreed with Mega. The volume of sperm often enough is not the problem. I think you should consider consulting a Dr.


Vicki - March 14

Great advice! Thank you! Everyone so far has been telling me about getting his sperm tested by a doctor so I think I should look into doing that ASAP. Yes I want a monitor so bad, but they are spendy for me right now. Thanks again ladies!



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