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Annie - September 23

Hello Ladies. I'm 27 years old and have been actively trying to conceive since May. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I even gave up caffeine in January. I was on BC for 7 years but stopped taking them in December. I wanted to give my body time to adjust before getting pregnant so I was VERY careful not to get pregnant before May. My cycle was always 28 days. My last 28 day cycle was in June. AF started 6/30 and lasted exactly 5 days. On 7/19 I started spotting with LOTS of pain on the left side. It lasted until 7/26 when AF started 2 days early, and only lasted 4 days. I never spotted before AF and I was never off my 28 day cycle. On 8/17 I started spotting like the previous month, again with pain on the left side. AF started 8/22, 27 day cycle this time. Again it lasted for 4 days. After that I bought the OPK by Clearblue. I started testing 9 days after AF. I was freaking out on my 14th day because I still hadn't seen the 2 lines on the test. I finally saw them on the 15th day (9/6). According to the kit, ovulation is supposed to take place 24-36 hours after so I got extra busy! I even used the pillows under the pelvis and not moving for 30 minutes trick. On 9/11 I started having a LOT of CM discharge. Again not normal for me past ovulation. On 9/12 I started getting a weird pain on my belly button. My breasts were really sore, even wearing a bra bothered me The following day I had to run to the bathroom to toss my cookies! I've never been happier after throwing up! I thought I was finally pregnant. My 28th day (9/19) passed without any signs of AF and I was even happier. Then on 9/20 I started spotting at night. It was a faint brownish color so I thought it was implantation bleeding. My cervix was low and closed. This was also the day all of my symptoms stopped. They just went away. On 9/21 I took my temp and it was down. Not a good sign, cervix was still the same. Spotting became pink in color with a lot of mucus and something that looked like tissue clots. 9/22 more of the same. Cevix had moved up to the middle and was still closed. This morning I didn't have any spotting and thought it had finally stopped. Went to the bathroom mid morning and almost fainted at the sight of blood. It wasn't bright red but it wasn't the light pink it was either. Found out later cervix was still in the middle but now it is very open. I'm still bleeding with lots of mucus and some tissue clots plus really bad cramps.
Afterwards I crawled into bed, and cried myself to sleep. Sorry this is so long. I just wanted to make everything clear. Has anybody experienced something like this? I've never been late before so I'm wondering if I'm going through a m/c. Any responses are appreciated. Thank You.


Michelle - September 24

It sounds to me like a m/c. I'm so sorry. I would talk to my dr in any case so that if he/she believes this is so you can go on record with one m/c. This is in case, God forbid, you have more. They will usually not investigate until 3 in a row. I know, I have had 4. Good luck!


Victoria - September 24

It does sound like a M/C.....It sounds like what i just went through yesterday (m/c with twins) So sorry......
Michelle- what happened after your 4th? this was my fourth and i feel like giving up......I do not know how much more of this i can go through!!!!


Annie - September 24

Thank you for your responses. I am so sorry for your losses... Well for our losses. I am an emotional wreck, angry as hell one minute and crying the next. I can't begin to imagine what it is like for you both after having 4. How long have you've been TTC?
I will keep you in my prayers.



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