Trying to conceive
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desperate for baby - July 15

Does anyone have any advice on getting pregnant with very irregular periods? I have never had a normal period, they tend to last for months (actual bleeding for months). So I was wondering are there natural/herbal treatments to balance my cycles that can help me conceive and does anyone know what might be causing this?


Khristy - July 15

Have you been checked for pcos ? Your symptoms sound like pcos but unless you see a doctor and be checked , not sure. I have the same symptoms and have pcos . My doctor put me on Metformin 2 months ago and now I have a regular period since last month. I started clomid this month to up my chances. Good luck and wish you the best!! :-)


rach - July 15

u dont sound like you have irregular periods irregular is where you bleed for a bit then dont but for how long you dont bleed determines the length of the cycle like mine this month is 27 but last month it was 23? its strange



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