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Christina - May 12

Back in September I got pregnant, it was my husband and I first time trying we were shocked how fast it happend, At 10 weeks pregnant I had my first u/s and they told me there was no heartbeat, I had another a week later and the same results, I had a dnc the next day. We have been trying since December and we've had no luck conceiving, Im starting to worry, has this happend to anyone else? is it normal to take a while after a dnc?


christina - May 12

hi i am another christina here, i am wondering myself how long it will take after i recently had a d and c with other procedures and surgery.I have never concieved so they are hoping it will enhance it. i dont know.


laimanroom - May 13

well I never had a Dand C but my friend had. She had a trip to the doctors and the doctor said that there was no heart beat. The next few days was hard. But like I told her she will conceive again and that was in Feb. she went back on birth control and tryied again in Sept. and conceive a beautiful baby girl.

I had a miscarriage in May 1998 and six months later I conceive a beautiful baby boy. Misscarriage is mother's way of telling you that you are fertile. Wait six months before conceiving again.


Amanda - May 13

DNC??? D and C ???? What does this mean??


stacey - May 13

I had a D&E in Jan, low heartrate first u/s, then none the next u/s. I have been trying since then, and don't even think I ovulated this cycle! Very frustrating!


dfs - May 13

Amanda - (dilatation and curettage = D and C) it is really uterine scraping. Christina - i had the same thing last year march at 7 weeks and am still TTC - am getting pretty frustrated and worried as am almost 38 and worried that i may not be able to conceive again. But i heard of a number of people who had D&C's and went on to have normal pregnancies and babies. Good luck to all..


sara - May 13

Ihad a d&c after a 'missed miscarriage' the baby had died, I was 10 weeks but it was only the size of an 8 week old and there was no heartbeat, that was in June 04 and I'm still waiting to get pregnant. They did say that after the surgery it could cause fertility problems but I do know of a couple of other people who have had d&c's and have gone on to have a baby. I think I'm too anxious and desperate to have a baby and need to chill out and relax about it as it can sort of take over your life where you don't seem to think about anything else! I'm hoping we'll have some good news this month! Good luck to everyone.


christina - May 15

Thank you all so much for your responses, i dont feel so alone now. I wish all of you good luck and like my mom always told me good things come to those who wait. Thanks again and luck to all!!


Christina - May 15

just one more thing to add, Sara I know EXACTLY how you feel,those are my very same feelings, I also think we need to just relax because getting stressed over it could be a reason why its hard for us to conceive, Good luck



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