Trying to be hopeful this month!!
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Marie6549 - July 15

Me and dh have been ttc now for just over 3 and half years. We have a beautiful 4 year old son and I had an early miscarriage last April. I have been on clomid with no success and have done 2 rounds of iui so far. My problem has always been that I don't have regular periods and can have only one or two in a year - great if your not ttc, but a disaster if you are. For the past 2 months I have been having periods and ovualating on my own so I have given my body a much deserved break from the clomid. I have noticed my cycles are slightly shorter, around 28-30 days as opposed to 32-35 days and this month something very strange happened to me. I guess I ovulated around day 14 as the cm was ew consistency and then on the evening of day 21 I had a bleed. It was only watery blood, but red none the least and took up the whole tissue. I never at any stage of my cycle get this and can't help getting excited that this could be an implantation bleed. What do you think? I hope so. It is now 5 days later and no af, so surely if it was af it would have come by now, but I don't think it was as I am only on day 26!!!


Marie6549 - July 15

I forgot to mention that it had completely gone by the morning and that was the only wipe of blood I had that night aswell.


slowpoke01 - July 15

MARIE i truely believe that this could have been implantation and implantatin occurs between days 6-12 days past ovulation and since you had the blood on day 21 that was 7 days past ovulation for you so it is very possible i would say to take a test after day 28 and continue testing until you get a positive or until a/f shows and implantation can last 3 or 4 days and you wont get a +hpt until after implantation is done so goos luck and keep me posted


mommy2josh - July 15

Marie, sounds good to me, though I never got implant bleeding. I have been pregnant 3 times in all, but alot of the ladies have experienced it. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. When are you going to test?


Tammy276 - July 16

I had implantation bleeding w/ my son...It sounds to me like it could be implantation! I hope it is !! Good luck to you! I am 7 or 8 dpo (can't remember) and I have had cramping for the past few days.....I am hoping it is implantation cramping!! Good luck to both of us!


Marie6549 - July 16

Thanks for all your replies!! I am so hoping that it is implantation bleeding too and can't help getting myself excited. As I've said in the past 3 and half years we have been ttc I have not had this before. I am currently on day 27 so we shall see. I don't get paid until friday so if no af by then, then I will do a test. I can't see what else it could be as if it was af then I would have had a period by now seen as though that was 7 days ago. Oh well only time will tell I guess!! Good luck to all of you too - sending lots of babydust to all of us xxx


newmommy - July 16

Marie---good luck! This sounds like implantation bleeding to me, too. If it was the start of AF, it would have been here by now. You have to keep us posted!


Marie6549 - July 22

Well I am now on cd33 with no af! I did a hpt this morning and me and dh think we see the feintest line ever, but you really REALLY have to look hard, so were not getting our hopes up. This has happened many times over the past 3 and half years and then af rears her ugly and very unwanted head the next day or so.....I have been cramping for the past 4 or 5 days on and off and still have lots of creamy cm. I also have lot of white bumps round my nipple area, but again I can get this just before af comes so not getting my hopes up on that either. I will leave it for another few days and then re-test, so fingers crossed! How about you guys?


slowpoke01 - July 22

marie let us know what happens it sounds like you could be pregnant to me


Marie6549 - July 23

Thanks slowpoke01, I really hope it is too! Not sure where you are from, I am from England and so its early evening now of my 34th day with still no af. But cramping really bad today and yesterday. This never happens to me & I cant help getting excited and then think that af will show up later or in the morning! I will hold out til tues or wed before I do another hpt as the negative is so destroying! I hate this waiting.


slowpoke01 - July 23

i know what you mean marie i live in the U.S. actually in the state of texas t is so neat to be talking to people from all over. good luck to you


Marie6549 - July 24

Well I caved and did do a hpt this afternoon and it was negative. Still no signs of af and cramps seem to have subsided. Still having lots and lots of clear/milky discharge and feel so bloated. I have also put on a few pounds this week. Other than that I have no symptoms whatsoever. I didn't get a + with my son until I was nearly 10 weeks so we shall have to wait and see. If nothing by thursday then I will do another hpt. Our pc is broken at home so I have to wait for dh to come back from work and seen as though he works away all week I only really get to use the laptop at the weekend. I am blessed today though as he has come home after an early meeting.



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