Trying over a year would Ovulex help?
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Lovetobemom - April 1

I am wondering if anyone tried ovulex yet? Does it help? I am trying for little over 1 yr to get pregnant for second one and won't happen :( :( I ordered ovulex ,,,just wondering if it works????BABY DUST TO US ALL


shaunna - April 1

i am taking it to and for almost 2 weeks and thats how long it said it takes to come in affect so ill get back to u and tell u if i works


Lovetobemom - April 2

Thanks a lot Shaunna. I pray it works for you! Mine order should be here soon as it comes i will start it...Hope it works...My son had his 5th birthday few days ago and before he blew the candles he said 'i wish for a brother or a sister,,,I head teras in my eyes...My husbad too...We are trying soo hard....



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