Trying over a year
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lover4life - March 31

Hi im 24y/otrying to get preg for over a year. My cycles are norm and ranging from 31-34 days, but im underweight 5'1 95 lbs (i know i sound very thin but frame is tiny size 4 tennis shoes!) could this be my problem? and if so i what can i do?.... (Gaining weight not an option tried that.)


kim - March 31

Being underweight could be an issue. I understand that you are a small frame, but do you eat healthy and enough everyday? Maybe count the calories you eat everday for a week to make sure you are consuming what you need to be healthy. Try taking a prenatal vitamin. They suggest this when trying to concieve anyway. This will help you get the nourishment you need if you aren't getting enough nourishment. Are there any health reasons for being that thin or are you just built for it? Also anorexia can cause infertility and so can bilemia, and also can cause a unhealthy pregnancy.Probably should see a Dr. on this though.


kim - March 31

Forgot to say that hyperthyroid can cause fertility issues and being underweight is a symptom.



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